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TRied uninstall & re install, tried running as admin. Deleted every spec of private servers. Rebot pc. Still nothing. Ideas?

I've tried picking Nexus back up here and there và I want lớn get invested in it but it's hard since there's notoàn thân to hunt with up through basically Il San. I'd lượt thích khổng lồ give it a shot again but I'd lượt thích to lớn know if there's anyway to lớn make low level hunting easier. Are there typically any low cấp độ characters around khổng lồ hunt with or is it all leeching these days?



Before you start this game, make sure you know this.quý khách hàng đã xem: Nexus, the kingdom of the winds

It's a routine lớn cheat on new players in this game.

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All the items are up. Of course a lot of gold has been created because the game is old và this is natural inflation. Some important items have tripled.

But KRUNA & REGCODE got fuck off rather.

Every fuckers this game uses the blachồng market.

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Buy 5m there for $10 and spkết thúc 2.5m on a $10 registration code.

Then that fucker gets a miễn phí 2.5m. But poor new players who doesn't know this is just selling KRUNA.

And you must ask how to make money. And the assholes say that go rabbit cave sầu và gathering ambers, gathering wools, cutting woods & sell those lớn crafters.

But they never say that Crafter above Master can make crazy money out of it.

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Nexus: The Kingdom of the Winds (NexusTK for short) is a online roleplaying game owned by the company KRU. Nexon developed Nexus, which is known as Baram in Korea, back in the early 1990's in Korea. In 1995, it was brought to lớn America khổng lồ be developed for a US market. In early 1998, several Korean players began testing the new US Version of Nexus, and opened for a Beta test in the Spring of 1998. The rest is history.801




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