One Piece Episode 958: Big Mom & Kaido Alliance"S Could Bring Back The Rocks Pirates


From the recent development the truth about Komurasaki has been revealed & her real name. The Straw Hats are happy that she is alive & they will meet will her later. Meanwhile, Zoro has shown Hitseku và others that he can use Enma. After cutting a mountain edge is a single slash Zoro promise that he will master Enma with no time. Enma has the power to lớn suck human’s bo if the human is a weak’s samurai. Zoro impressed others by managing khổng lồ control it.

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They thought that only Oden in the world has the power lớn control Enma but Zoro did the impossible. The Straw Hats are ready for the upcoming great war. The Fire Festival is nearing the Flower Capital. After finishing his training Luffy và met with Kinemon và promised each other that they will meet at the port. Luffy realizes that he has mastered the Ryuo Land of Wano Haki. He can blow anything away without touching it and blast it. He yells that ” just you wait, Kaido.”

One Piece Episode 958 Release Date & Recap

One Piece Episode 958 will be released on Sunday, 17 January 2021, at 9:30 AM JST. cảnh báo that every Sunday, a new episode of One Piece is released. This post may contain spoilers for episodes 957 & 958 watch out for them. Watch this Anime’s latest episode officially on Crunchyroll, AnimeLab, Funimation, and Netflix. Take a look at more details below.

One Piece

Previously on One Piece 957

The Marine are making their move at Issho they are sailing around the entrance of the new world. Fujitora remembers when he met with Doflamingo telling him that he is appointed as the Navy admiral & he wants to bởi something. Doflamingo asking him what does he think will happen to lớn the balance of nguồn between the Navy, Seven Lords, and Four Emperors. Fujitaro tells Doflamingo that no one can tell before they upset it & he doesn’t know.

Fujitaro realizes that Doflamingo was approved as a king of a country under the Seven Warlord system. He thinks that Doflamingo was allowed lớn reign that island by the Worl Goverment. Fujitaro wants khổng lồ destroy the system và he said that they no lover need the Seven Warlords of the sea. He is on a ship thinking about it advancing to the new world. Meanwhile, at Marijoa the world conference knows as the Reverie is about to lớn begin.

Fish-Man Island:

Reverie is a grand conference of 50 representative kings and queens held every four years. They are representing more than 170 countries that are affiliated with the World Government. The Reverie was dismissed in a state of great confusion as always and representatives went home. A week later at the Ryugu Castle in Fish-Man Island, King Neptune is glad that he is back home. Shirahoshi thanks Garp for escorting them và Neptune enjoy laughing with Garp.

King Neptune asks Garp lớn rest for a day with them then he will leave later since they had a long journey. Garp agrees, saying he will have a coffee & leave since he can’t stay for long. He realizes that Reverie always trigs the incident all the time & the countries don’t get along when they gather. Garp explains to the king how countries step on each other’s foot & created công nghệ as a weapon. They have tons of problems & they don’t want to make peace even after shaking hands.

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Garp said that he thinks that peace is not when blood is spilled và he has recieved big news after the conference has been dismissed. Neptune asks him what is it và he said it is an incident concerning the Alabasta Kingdom. Earlier at the World Economic Journal after the Reverie was dismissed. Morgans received big news and didn’t want lớn publish them. The secret agency Cipher Pol points a gun at Morgans telling him to obey the World Government.

Big News:

Morgan refuses since he knows it is manipulative information & he tells Pol that he must not underestimate Big New Morgans. Morgans use the power nguồn from his left eye và blast Pol’s right eye. The reporters discovered that members of Cipher Pol are Government officials. Morgans decided khổng lồ move his office lớn hide somewhere và send the news all over the world. He yells that he decides what he can publish và he is the Dj of the wood.

Morgans receives a hotline from King Wapol of Drum Kingdom và leak some information. The news spread across the world và people are stunned after reading it. The Revolutionary army can’t believe what they are reading và Luff’s father dragon is shocked. Everyone shed tears and Dragon said that they must first confirm if it is true. It has been revealed that Sabo has been executed và his beloved one mourns for him.

Pirate Empress:

Black Beard orders his crew that they have to lớn set sail now và he has to take it himself. Meanwhile, Koby calls X-Drate & tells him everything and that the World Government wants Kaido and Big Mom to ruin each other. X-Drake revealed that those two have joined each other và Koby is surprised. X-Drake reveals that the W Government is doing business with Land of Wano which is reigned over by a pirate.

Koby reveals that they are going to capture Pirate Empress, Boa Hancock và they are heading towards the Island of Women. Margarete saw the ship và head khổng lồ report khổng lồ Boa Hancock. Meanwhile, Edward Weevil is claiming lớn be Whitebeard Jr and clashing with the Marines.

 One Piece 958 Preview

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