One Piece Season 13 Episode 981

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----------------------------------------A warm welcome for Jinbe, but lol, Sanji jealous af. The weakling trio staying behind when everyone else went for the smoke was also pretty funny.The recap reminded how close Luffy & Jinbe are. To lớn me he's already a fully fledged Straw Hat.Next episode should be lit based on the preview.

One Piece episode 914 & 915 were a mistake và 957 brought the salvationGo vote here if you're a One Piece enjoyer.

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It was cool seeing all the strawhats fight again. I also lượt thích how they made the border look for each of their attack names. It was nice touch and I find it quite refreshing seeing the crew together after so longKinemon was also hilarious lmaoI also like the new eyetcatchers but the most hype part of the episode was the next episode preview though.. It kind of looks like episode 957 and for that alone, I'm expecting next week khổng lồ be a masterpiece .

Good to lớn see Jinbe's addition lớn the opening và the new eyecatchers finally having different versions for all Straw Hats, still get that Straw Hat music right tho, cant be using Luffy's Wano theme on all of the them. The flashbacks from Jinbe, I would say they added to the moment of Jinbe joining the crew, it was endearing. Kinemon seems to lớn have a "plan" again xD Seems like we're closer to lớn Onigashima now, the preview seems khổng lồ show new members of Kaido's crew with chất lượng visuals, will be fun khổng lồ see!
That recap was fine I guess since we got reminded of the events with Jinbei.The strawhat showing their powers were great, specially Nami, Usopp and Chopper.
Finally they have reached the stage where they are fighting ......Jimbei - awesomeFranky - awesomeZoro - awesomeRobin - awesomenami,Usopp,Chopper - strongest showoffs.Luffy is luffy at his bestBrook - Yo ho ho hoSanji - feeling in love with Robin.Onegashima here we come....Makes me so happyyyyyyy.......
i really like this episode jinbe being an official member of the strawhats & the new eye catcher !!
Enjoyable khổng lồ see Jimbei officially join the Straw-Hat. I see they exaggerate their flashbacks card, though it fitted in this ep. Also, hilarious seeing Kinemon's expression before và after Law comes up with a nice plan. HahahaThe Straw-Hat fight was meh and they did more than what was necessary. Then again, this is Toei & they have to lớn use an extremely slow pace, even if that means making their attacks 100 times more special than what it actually is. The new intermission in-between the eps. Was quite delightful lớn see. About time they actually showed something new. Cool lớn see Jimbei in the same frame.
After such a long way, so many episodes and years of waiting Jimbei now officially is a Straw Hat. Still feels unreal. With his experience, his fighting capacity và also his absolute incredible ability as helmsman he's exactly what was still needed on the ship. But it's not only that, for me he also resembles the father figure Luffy never had. When Ace died and a devastated Luffy was completely freaking out I don't think any other person besides Jimbei would have been able to get through to lớn Luffy & also remind him about the still important things he had.Oh boy we got a "Kinemon makes a plan" part 2. Fortunately we got someone like Law who's just a 5Head when it comes khổng lồ things like that. With him knowing Luffy & Kid, it's funny how he already included the fact that both of them will charge through the front & therefore act as the perfect decoy. Nontheless it was hilarious khổng lồ see Kinemon acting like "this" was his original plan :DIt has been such a long time seeing so many of the straw hats fighting together. I'm soooooo excited lớn see Luffys and Zoros progress in the upcoming fights. My god the animation in the preview looks so good. I can't wait for next week. From now on waiting for the next episode will be nothing but torture lol.
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