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I'm rereading one piece and I recently got to the skypiea arc. I saw this comment on the chapter saying that Odomain authority would give Enel a bounty of 500,000,000. Although Enel is really svào I dont think his bounty should be the same as Luffy post dressrosa. Luffy post dressrosa has conquerors, armament & observation haki, while Enel only had observation. I realize that Enel's devil fruit is a logia and that that's the most rare, but Robin went khổng lồ the point of saying it was the strongest logia fruit, but I find that even more absurd. Kizaru's fruit & Enel's fruit seem very similar. They both travel at light speeds và both can shoot/attaông chồng with their element with range. I really think Enel is overrated. Can someone explain why he's considered as strong as he is?

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3 years ago
Enel had such a high theoretical bounty because he's a (literal) lunatic with the power to lớn destroy an island. If he were meddling in the Grand Line the WG would want him dealt with quickly.

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bounty is a measure of threat not strength. strength is only part of ones threat màn chơi, but the real threat comes from what one is capable of, what they're willing to vị.

characters lượt thích Luffy who only defeat people who wrong them are far less of a threat as compared to lớn people who kill hundreds, thousands and millions of people indiscriminately. even killing a few people is what gave Kidd a higher bounty than Luffy in Saboady.

Enel literally committed genocide on his own people in Birka, usurped the throne of Skypiea where he ruled the people as a tyrant & then tried to commit genocide on them as well. he literally killed millions of people. thus a 500m bounty is very fitting. not because he's that strong but because he's that dangerous. he's much like Jachồng from Kaido's crew, he too is called a calamity for that very reason, as he destroys anything in his wake like a natural disaster.

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but I definitely agree that Enel is no where near as svào as people think.

a good example of that is Caesar, who is underrated by many people because of how he was defeated by Luffy. But if you look at it Caesar's DF was just as powerfully haxx as Enel's was, it's only that he was introduced when the SHs had learnt to overcome those haxx powers that he gets underestimated. whereas Enel was introduced before that and thus gets hyped.

also Enel is not as fast as Kizaru, it's a comtháng misconception that lightning is as fast as light, when in actuality light is much faster.

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