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Speed-o"-Sound Sonic might get outclassed by Saitama, but he"s actually a pretty strong villain. Just how powerful is he?


The self-proclaimed rival of Saitama, Speed-o'-Sound Sonic also known as Sonic is a villain from the One Punch Man anime và manga series. Known for his immense supersonic speeds and incredible agility, Sonic is a highly trained ninja & easily one of the fastest characters in the series.

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Although recognized as one of the fastest, Sonic is nowhere near being as strong as Saitama, however, his nin-ja stealth moves combined with his swordsmanship makes him a tough opponent to defeat. Even though he may not be the strongest character in the series, his speed & agility allows him khổng lồ move around extremely fast và doge attacks with precision. But how strong is Speed-o'-Sound Sonic?

Appearance and Personality


Sonic first appears in the series as a hired bodyguard for Zeniru (a multimillionaire from F-City). He appears as a thin young man with long đen hair with a tight black latex bodysuit covered by metal platings and a sword strapped khổng lồ his back. Sonic is also a former thành viên of the 44th graduation class of the nin-ja Village, a secret institution located in an unknown city, built for the purpose of training highly skilled ninja assassins. This is where Sonic learned how to become highly skilled in both martial arts và swordsmanship plus increasing his levels of speeds.

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Sonic hates losing to lớn opponents và loves the thrill of the fight. He constantly tries lớn attack Saitama whenever he meets him and is constantly defeated. Although he is always defeated, he never gives up hope & trains khổng lồ become even stronger to lớn enact his revenge. His large ego usually tends khổng lồ get the best of him and this causes him khổng lồ pursue his goals of beating someone who has defeated him in the past. His desire khổng lồ beat Saitama is so great that he even decided to give up his human form và devour a quái thú cell to become even stronger, however since he had cooked the quái vật cell before eating, the effects wore off, & he did not turn into a monster. Although Sonic holds a negative view of the anh hùng association, he still believes in doing some good in the world, this is seen when he warns Genos of Deep Sea King when he ran into him but this side of him is still unclear.

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One of Sonic's most impressive fights was his battle with Saitama, despite being massively outmatched in terms of raw power & speed, Sonic was able khổng lồ keep up with Saitama thanks to lớn his incredible speed và agility. Sonic is also seen khổng lồ be able khổng lồ go head-to-head with Genos which demonstrates his reflexes và agility, his swordsmanship skills also give him an edge when it comes khổng lồ battles. This is because Sonic's main nguồn is his immense speed & reflexes, this is seen when he fights the Paradisers, a terrorist group led by the B-class criminal, Hammerhead. Sonic was also able lớn doge all the attacks from Deep Sea King, a demon-level monster, he is seen khổng lồ keep up with the quái thú with incredible speeds & was even able to escape without injury. During the fight with Genos, Sonic was able lớn keep up with the cyborg's speed & their movements were so fast that it was difficult lớn watch the fight with regular human eyes.

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As Sonic grew up training khổng lồ become a ninja, he is a master of ninjtusu, a martial art designed around strategy và tactics of unconventional warfare used by ninja's during feudal nhật bản which consists of armed/un-armed fighting techniques with lots of variable weapons training. This equipped Sonic with wide knowledge in using deadly techniques. A couple of his known attacks are Wind blade kick, where Sonic uses the momentum of spins to lớn deliver a powerful kick khổng lồ his opponent, this is seen during his fight with Deep Sea King. Another powerful attack Sonic uses is known as Hail of carnage, this is when he lunges multiple exploding shurikens that explode upon impact.

Another technique which Sonic uses is the use of afterimage creation lớn confuse his opponents of his locations và stops them pinpointing his actual location, this technique allows him lớn create multiple images of himself by moving at immense speeds. Sonic is able lớn create four afterimages of himself initially, this was known as four shadow burial. Later once he has trained lớn become stronger, he revealed one of his ultimate moves during one of his battles with Saitama, which was lớn create ten afterimages of himself, this was also known as ten shadows burial, with this technique he managed to lớn reach super-supersonic speeds. As a ninja, Sonic also carried a variety of weapons in his arsenal, this includes his primary weapon, an extremely sharp sword, a number of kunai & exploding shurikens. Overall, while Speed-o'-Sonic may not be the strongest character in One Much Man, his incredible speed và agility makes him a formidable opponent and a fan favorite because of his ninja skills.

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