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Opera 36 is the last supported version of Opera browser by Windows XP. The Opera 36 is one of the older versions of the Opera website browser. Opera 36 is another popular website browser for Windows PC và it is the final version of the browser that is supported by Windows XP và Vista. This means if you still have an old PC and want lớn install the Opera browser on that, then you have to download and install a previous version of the browser and that is Opera 36.

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Why vì you need Opera 36?

As Windows XP và Vista vị not tư vấn the latest versions of the Opera browser, therefore, you need khổng lồ install an older và compatible version. However, installing a much older version of Opera could compromise the security of your computer & you will also miss the latest features of the browser. So you need to download the most recent version of the Opera browser which is compatible with Windows XP và Vista OS. Opera 36 is the last supported version of Opera browser for Windows old version PCs and you can still download Opera for Windows XP here. Get Opera 36 for Windows XP 32-bit & 64-bit through the liên kết shared on this page.

Despite being out of date, the Opera 36 for Windows XP is still a popular browser that offers the Turbo function lớn optimize traffic consumption và increase the speed of mạng internet surfing. The interface of the browser is very attractive. It displays the most visited pages on the main browser window to provide quick access lớn those sites. On the other hand, the toolbar includes tabs that the user himself adds through the Favorites menu. Recognized mouse gestures. Using Opera, it easy và secure to access the internet. It has several useful features like tabbed browsing, mouse-over previews, a customizable search bar, advanced bookmarking tools, and simple integration with email and chats clients, etc and you can customize the browser or extend its features using external extensions or plugins.

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Opera offers integrated tìm kiếm and navigation functions, which are common among other well-known rivals. Opera uses a single bar for search and navigation instead of two text fields at the vị trí cao nhất of the screen. This feature keeps the browser window clean while giving you the best features. It has an integrated tải về manager so that that you can have control over the tải về task. On the other hand, the private browsing mode on Opera is one of the must-have features that allows you lớn browse the web without leaving your trace.

Key Features of Opera 36:

It has an in-built không tính phí VPN to lớn enhance privacy & security.The “Flow” tool Send information between devices.The Adblocker blocks ads và trackers & lets you browse the web without any distractions.It has integrated messengers chat right in your browsers.The built-in unit converter converts currencies and units automatically.The Snapshot allows you to lớn capture & edit snapshots of pages.Battery saver Extend your battery life.

Technical details:

Name: Opera 36 for Windows XP, VistaInstaller Type: Standalone Offline Installer Version: 36.0.2130.80 Size: 35.94 MB OS Support: Windows XP, Vista (32 & 64-bit)Language: English

Download Opera 36.0 for Windows XP and Vista:

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