Dragon ball gt, can pan turn into a super saiyan

Dragon Ball GT: 10 Times Pan Should Have Turned Super Saiyan (But Didn't) One of the things that DB GT does right is Pan"s character development, though she is still arbitrarily held back from showing her full potential.

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Dragon Ball GT is a divisive chapter in the franchise"s history. It acts as a continuation of Dragon Ball Z’s story, but is not based on a manga và features minimal involvement from the series’ creator, Akira Toriyama. One of Dragon Ball GT’s stronger suits is its character development for Pan, who becomes a vital member of Goku’s team, especially during the anime’s earlier adventures.

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Pan proves herself lớn be incredibly powerful, but she never turns Super Saiyan during Dragon Ball GT, largely because of Toriyama’s hesitance over how khổng lồ approach female Super Saiyans. As a result, Pan doesn’t get lớn experience this thrill, but there are multiple opportunities where it would"ve felt very appropriate.

Anime Dragon Ball GT Pan Cries
Baby becomes the first real noteworthy villain in Dragon Ball GT và his introduction packs quite an impact. Pan, Goku, and Trunks return to lớn Earth to lớn see that Baby"s infection has already begun. This surprise attachồng includes Baby’s Revenge Death Ball energy attaông xã, which Goku narrowly avoids.

However, Pan & many others assume the attack kills Goku, and she"s devastated. Pan và company hide in fear as a result, but it"d be so much more satisfying if this traumatic event led to Pan"s first Super Saiyan transformation, especially since death has been a major catalyst for transformations in the past.

9 When She Sends The Remnants Of Red Ribbon Army Baông xã To Hell

Anime Dragon Ball GT Pan Battle Ready
Death is a very fickle thing in the Dragon Ball world, and Dragon Ball GT features a temporary crisis when the perimeter between the world of the living và hell gets broken. Many former foes try khổng lồ make escapes from the afterlife, but Pan singlehandedly giao dịch with a handful of resurrected members of the Red Ribbon Army.

These humans are no match for Pan, but a Super Saiyan transformation in this circumstance would be more about making a statement to lớn the Red Ribbon Army. It"d be very powerful for them lớn learn that Goku"s descendent has attained such strength.

Anime Dragon Ball GT Oceanus Shenron Attack
Some of the Shadow Dragons in Dragon Ball GT pose more of a challenge than others, but they’re obstacles that are routinely faced by both Goku & Pan as she comfortably fills his sidekichồng role at this point. Oceanus Shenron is a complex battle where Goku and Pan need to face the Shadow Dragon more than once.

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The difference made in their second encounter is a breakthrough thanks to lớn a seagull, which is unexpected, but almost seems rude to lớn Pan by comparison. It’d be more satisfying if the conditions around Oceanus Shenron’s defeat involved Pan’s transformation into lớn a Super Saiyan.

7 Her Showdown With Dr. Gero & Super 17

Anime Dragon Ball GT Pan Attacks Dr Gero
Dragon Ball GT’s team-up seen between Dr. Myuu và the formerly deceased Dr. Gero leads lớn the creation of Super 17. Pan handles Dr. Gero on her own and nearly gets hyên to disable Super 17, if not for the reprogramming done by Dr. Myuu.

The result is that Super 17"s new protocol leads lớn Gero"s destruction as well as Pan and Giru taking heavy damage. This culminates with Goku saving the day against Super 17, but a more surprising development would be Super 17"s attaông chồng awakening Pan"s killer instinct instead of putting her on the sidelines.

Some awkward villains are faced as Goku, Pan, và Trunks recover the Blaông chồng Star Dragon Balls, but Luud is a mechanical foe who at least has an interesting concept behind hyên. Luud absorbs energy from those he consumes, which happens to include Pan.

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The solution to lớn Luud"s defeat conveniently involves a two-pronged attaông chồng where a target is hit from both the inside và outside of the robot. Pan"s helpful here, but the same general premise could"ve sầu involved Pan needing lớn trigger a switch from inside Luud that could only be accomplished if she powers up to lớn a Super Saiyan.

5 The Appearance Of The First Shadow Dragon

Dragon Ball GT contains seven dangerous Shadow Dragons that all bear a connection lớn past, selfish Dragon Ball wishes. Haze Shenron is the first of these monsters that Goku and Pan encounter. Haze Shenron makes a svào first impression & they need lớn fight against hyên ổn twice before they win.

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This works, but Dragon Ball GT could have sầu mix a really powerful tone for this new arc if it started with Pan not only defeating the first Shadow Dragon, but also turning Super Saiyan from it. It’d give Goku a lot more confidence over Pan for these final episodes.

One of the strangest, yet memorable storylines from the beginning of Dragon Ball GT involves one of Dr. Myuu’s lackeys, Dolltaki, transsize Pan into his new favorite doll. It’s an obstacle that plays inkhổng lồ the series’ strange sense of humor và even though Pan survives, it’d be a less grating plot if it ended with Pan as a Super Saiyan.

It’d be a creative way for Pan to break không lấy phí of this bizarre prison. Granted, this is still very early in Dragon Ball GT’s run, but Dragon Ball Super already establishes how strong she is as a baby.

3 Her Battle Against Golden Great Ape Baby

Dragon Ball loves a good parasitic possession storyline and a good chunk of Dragon Ball GT involves Baby making Vegeta his new idea host. Baby turns inkhổng lồ a Golden Great Ape và it"s unsurprisingly Goku who saves the day in his new Super Saiyan 4 form, but much of his success involves him utilizing energy from Pan và others.

Goku"s Super Saiyan 4 transformation is a big moment, but think of how much more impact it would have sầu if Pan turned Super Saiyan for the first time with hyên ổn và it becomes a tandem victory.

Each of Dragon Ball GT"s Shadow Dragons exhibit chất lượng strategies or specialties, which add entertaining complications to these battles. Their diversity is even reminiscent of the wide range of mysterious fighters encountered in the World Martial Arts Tournaments.

Nuova Shenron has fire-based skills & easily defeats Pan before Goku has to even the playing field. It"d be better if Pan didn"t let Goku step in and continued lớn fight against Nuova Shenron until she finally snaps và transforms. It"d mean even more considering that he represents the Four-Star Dragon Ball.

1 Her Final Battle Alongside Her Family Against Omega Shenron

Dragon Ball GT"s Shadow Dragons are actually a creative sầu idea in practice, but they"re somewhat messy when it comes to lớn their execution. Dragon Ball GT"s major final battle against Omega Shenron is full of action, but it features a surprising resolution where Goku leaves with Omega Shenron & the Dragon Balls.

Every character gets lớn nội dung in Goku"s win with their contributions to his Universal Spirit Bomb, but another svào way to lớn conclude the series is to further pass the torch over khổng lồ Pan. Goku"s absence coinciding with Pan"s Super Saiyan transformation feels fitting.

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