250 assorted pokemon cards with rares & foils


While Pokémon fans wait for more news on Scarlet và Violet titles dropping later this year, the TCG side of the franchice is recieving a new update today.

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Arriving as its latest expansion, the new Pokémon Lost Origin mix packs plenty of new full-art trainer cards based around Sword and Shield, as well just-released Radiant Pokémon and nearly 250 new cards.

Pokémon Lost Origin: What to lớn expect from the new expansion

As the latest expansion to the Pokémon trading thẻ game, the Lost Origin set enters as the 11th expansion lớn the Sword and Shield series. It comes packed with nearly 250 cards of Pokémon both new and old, with everything from fresh thẻ art of classics like Oddish lớn eye-catching graphics of more recent trainers lượt thích Nessa and Opal from the either generation of the mainline games.

Graphics this time around put Giratina at the forefront of the collection, with box art donning the signature Legendary. Each of the packs then mix things up with four different foil arts including Giratina again, Hisuian Gardevoir, Hisuian Zoroark, & more.

You’ll still have to lớn wait another few weeks lớn actually get your hands on the assortment of new cards. But in the meantime, we’ll be breaking down what to lớn expect from the latest expansion when it does launch. The Lost Origin mix will be officially hitting store shelves next month on September 9, and pricing is right in line with what we’ve come khổng lồ expect from past TCG expansions.


Pre-orders have now gone live, with listings right from the Pokémon Center. Amazon also currently has listings live for the next phối of cards for those who would rather go with the two-day shipping route. The always-popular Booster Box is the best way lớn dive into things this time around for returning fans and sells for under $150. Then there’s also the Elite Trainer Box at $50 or less, which provides a great starting point to Pokémon fans looking lớn get in on Lost Origin và the TCG at large for the first time.

The Pokémon Company sent over one of the latter assortments, so I had eight different booster packs khổng lồ try & score some of the latest rare cards.

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It’s a bit more competitive this time around for those rare pulls, as there are 30 Trainer Gallery cards this time around that showcase various Pokémon & iconic characters from the franchise. & after seeing Radiant Pokémon make a debut into the TCG with Astral Radiance back in May, there are now three entirely new Radiant cards joining in on the action, as well as over 190 commons & more typical holos. In total, there are nearly 250 new additions khổng lồ the collection this time, making this one of the larger expansions as of late.

As usual, each of the Lost Origin TCG packs feature 10 cards và either one basic Energy or one VSTAR marker. The booster boxes are certainly the better value, as you’ll get 36 off the packs in the box, while the Elite Trainer Box only includes eight.


Of the packs that I did over up getting sent over, I managed khổng lồ pull a pretty diverse cast of the cards & even scored a few of the more sought-after inclusions this time around. There is a really solid set of cards based around plenty of different properties, too. So even though this is an expansion khổng lồ the Sword and Shield wave, you’ll find cards based around Pokémon Legends: Arceus, the Eighth ren titles, và much more.

binhkhipho.vn’ Take

Lost Origin may not carry the same fanfare as previous expansions, but the chase cards this time certainly make this a worthwhile Pokémon mix to kiểm tra out. All of the full-art cards this time around really steal the spotlight và deliver something that Pokémon fans, regardless of generation, will enjoy.

I’m certainly a little bummed I didn’t pull a few of the cards from the set, like the new Nessa trainer card or any of the G-Max Pikachu variants. But I guess that means I’ll be trying my luck again once the Pokémon Lost Origin expansion officially drops on September 9.

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