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***This review will hold off on any major spoilers within the film. I will however touch on material that is present in the first (Red, Blue, Yellow, ext games) and second generation nội dung since this film has elements of those within it.***I was pretty excited lớn get the chance lớn see this film on the big screen. It had one showing at my local Cinemark and no matter the audience (mostly kids), I wanted khổng lồ see it. Big shout out lớn Fathom Events for continuously offering anime films in the United States.I would describe myself as a clophối Poketháng tín đồ. There are bits & pieces of the TV shows (Poketháng Advanced, Poketháng Diamond và Pearl, Poketháng Sun and Moon, ext) và films (Poketháng Heroes, Lucario & the Mystery of Mew, Poketháng Ranger và the Temple of the Sea, ext) that I really enjoy. However, the main bit of content (especially the films) are just not for me. It is painfully easy khổng lồ tell that the past 9 or so films including this one are full blown for the kids. No longer is there content present that appeal to lớn both a younger & older audience; it is all for the younger generation.The film opens with what is essentially episode one of the first anime. I wouldn't say it is a shot for shot recreation (it's been awhile since I've sầu seen that episode) but it is pretty cthua. They dedicate around 10-15 minutes for this content. I quite liked the visual style since it was blending in the older character artwork style with updated backgrounds. It is, for the most part, a pretty nice looking film. There are some wtf animation moments to be found in the film but it wouldn't be a OLM film without that sort of thing. What occurs afterwards is a sort of montage of key moments within the first season's nội dung leading up to the 3rd thể hình battle. After this sự kiện though (minus some other scenes regarding Poketháng Ash adds khổng lồ his team) we dive sầu completely into lớn new content. THIS IS NOT A RECAP.. FILM & honestly I applaud their balls for trying lớn bởi what they tried to vì. To be completely honest, I was really liking the first half of this film. It made me think that the current drought of meh Poketháng films was over. Unfortunately though the second half of the film just doesn't have sầu any stopping power. They wanted khổng lồ encapsulate the feeling of the first season while incorporating the values & key elements of the past 9 or so films. This combination however, did not work for me.We are bombarded by two products trying to lớn find space for each other; combining the new story present in the film (which is a run-of-the-mill Poketháng movie formula; there is a legendary Pokemon lets chase it!) with the older first season scenes so that the Poketháng on Ash's team have sầu a backstory. The combination does not mkết thúc very well with each other và makes the film feel super empty. If they wanted to bởi vì a new story with the backdrop of Kanto lớn, fine that could have sầu been great. Trying lớn hit up the nostalgia with scenes from the original show though tramples on any sort of pacing. But lets take a step bachồng and look at our cast. We have sầu of course Ash and Pikachu who for all intents và purposes are the same Ash và Pikachu we have seen for the past đôi mươi or so years. Instead of Brochồng và Misty though we have sầu two new companions that join up around 30 minutes into lớn the film; Makolớn & Souji. I don't have sầu a real issue with these two new characters but they don't really feel all that quality. Both of them also have sầu Pokemon that we are already familiar with, Lucario and Piplup. It felt lượt thích a bunch of business men met in a board room & discovered that if they took main series Pokemon (Lucario from his film and Piplup from Dawn's team) & put them inkhổng lồ this film it would make the new characters seem...more relatable? I'm grasping at straws here; the new characters are fine they are just not at all standout worthy. I won't get inlớn Ash's other Pokemon because it will give sầu major hints to lớn the TV show scenes that are present in the film. Just know that they are indeed Poketháng that Ash acquired in the show.While we are at it lets briefly address the elephant in the room. I already mentioned that Piplup and Lucario are in the film (you can see them on the poster for this film so it's not a spoiler). For w/e reason there are a ton of other series Poketháng in Kanto. The legendary Pokemon that Ash is chasing are from the Silver/Gold generation, Ash's rival in this film has Pokemon from the Sun và Moon series; there is no sort of continuity present in this film. I guess...Kanlớn now has all the Pokemon? I'm not quite sure how I feel about this kiến thiết choice.Speaking of Ash's rival, he is another super generic “I'm the very best và have sầu totally bad/evil characteristics so hate me but turn me good by the over of the film!” character lớn add khổng lồ the trash bin. To make things worse...his name is Cross...& he has a cross pattern on the front part of his hair...*mega facepalm*. He treats his Poketháng lượt thích shit (which is how we are introduced to lớn one of Ash's Pokemon), only says super edgy dialogue (calls weak Poketháng and Trainers trash; Gigguk might lượt thích this dude), và of course turns good by the over of the film. Just...I don't have anything more to say about this character.That little spew helps us arrive sầu at the main issue of the film; what is the point? Most of the Poketháng films have sầu a clear & concise villain. While most of them are comically “bad guys”, they have a purpose & enough charm khổng lồ biến hóa for how generic their ambitions are. This film...doesn't have sầu that? The rival just happens khổng lồ trail the main cast all the way through the film like a weird stalker. When get to the kết thúc of the film, he has one line that is supposed to lớn make hyên relevant to the plot but it is so out of left field and super Deus Ex Machina (and not the good kind). It just seems lượt thích a huge clusterfuck in order to make sense of all the elements coming together at the last second. And that's the real shame in this film. It had two routes it could have sầu gone on; reboot và recap the first season (something that is appealing to both older fans & possible new younger ones) or use the setting & time period of the first TV season & tell a new story. They decided lớn make both inkhổng lồ one và it ended up not appealing lớn either crowd in my opinion. If it had been just one of those two options, I'm sure I would have sầu liked the film. I was so ready lớn finally see a decent Pokemon film since the last one that I really enjoyed was Poketháng Ranger (which was back in 2006; long time without a decent Poketháng film). I'm sad to lớn report that Pokemon: I Choose You joins the heaps of super meh Poketháng films. Enjoyment: 4/10Overall: 3.7/10Thanks for reading my review! If you liked my writing style, would like khổng lồ see some other Reviews, or just want khổng lồ talk, please stop by my page!Sincerely,Awesome Drummer
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