Production I.G’s cyberpunk crime-action thriller Psycho-Pass has returned with its third anime season, to lớn an anticipating fanbase.

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A strong pilot episode, top-notch animation & soundtracks, intriguing and likable new characters, & an engaging new theme for the plot easily makes Psycho-Pass 3 one of the most entertaining anime releases of 2019.

The 8-episode series, of which only 6 are out now, has been successful in carrying the franchise’s legacy without inviting the hate that season 2 had received.


Mostly because season 3 manages to give fans what season 2 painfully avoided mentioning:Kougami Shinya, the series’ OG male lead, who went missing at the over of Psycho-Pass season 1, in the cruelest cliffhangers in anime history.

*Drum rolls*

Yes, dear fans, Kougami Shinya does make a return in Psycho-Pass season 3.

Before we get to lớn the juicy spoilers, let’s sort out the watch order:

Psycho-Pass Series & It’s Watch Order:

If you went by popular opinion and skipped Season 2, you may still be able khổng lồ keep up with season 3.

But in order khổng lồ fully enjoy the twists in the plot, the development of some of the characters, the ongoing subplots và of course the references, I recommend that you watch Psycho-Pass The Movie (2015), and Psycho-Pass Sinners of The System (Psycho-Pass SS) movies (2019).


Especially, Case 2 & Case 3 from Psycho-Pass SS.

Psycho-Pass 1 —> Psycho-Pass 2 —> Psycho-Pass: The Movie —> Psycho-Pass: Sinners of the System (3 movies?) —> Psycho-Pass 3.

For a more comprehensive understanding of the time-line, head here.

With the watch order out of the way, let’s get khổng lồ the spoilers!

Kougami Shinya Returns!

The latest season opens with no sign of Akane Tsunemori, our female lead và primary POV for the last two anime seasons.

The pilot successfully teases us with glimpses of her in the starting few seconds, in references as a former Unit One Inspector, in the opening và ending sequences of the anime, và of course as the voice of the narrator.

The first real mention of her happens right after Kougami Shinya is reintroduced in the series, as a member of the Foreign Affairs Operations Department, along with Nobuchika Ginoza, in the most matter-of-fact way.


No dramatic entrance, no slow pan, no cut-ins of his signature hairstyle, his eternally lit cigarette, and those intense eyes.

Fans solely following the anime series may feel betrayed by this lack-luster welcome of their favorite character from the series, after waiting for years for his return to the show. Not khổng lồ mention the million unanswered questions?

Wasn’t he wanted by Sybil? How is he, with a presumably high crime-coefficient walk around scot-free? How did Ginoza end up working with him again? and the most important question: Did he reunite with Akane? Why isn’t she with him?

But that is precisely why it’s essential to watch the movies, where Kougami’s life after leaving Sybil và Japan, his somewhat reunion with Akane Tsunemori và his connection with Foreign Affairs Operations Department, is explained.

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Akane Tsunemori is MIA?

Through Kougami, Ginoza and the current Unit One chief Mika Shimotsuki we learn that hardly anyone has recently been in contact with her và that Ginoza is planning to lớn carry on what she intended him lớn do.

The shocker hits you in episode four when Akane is referred lớn as an ex-inspector, who is accused of murder, và now awaiting her trail under the Sybil system in isolation.


That Akane? Who’s idealism and belief in justice even Sybil itself can’t compete with?

Who’s crime coefficient remained alarming low even when faced with her grandmother’s murderer in season 2, and kept her mental cool, represented by a crystal clear Psycho-pass hue, even when put through stressful situations that broke most other Inspectors – has committed a crime?

If you aren’t flipping out at this, you haven’t been faithfully following the show.

Accusations against Akane Tsunemori, although sound dubious, seemed khổng lồ have a connection with a case that the two current inspectors of Unit One, and protagonists of season 3, Arata Shindo and Kei Mikhail Ignatov have a personal interest in.

The New Public Safety Bureau with ‘The Mentalist’

Psycho-Pass Season 3 takes a departure from our familiar stake-holders of Public Safety Bureau Unit 1, và introduces Kei Mikhail Ignatov – a Russian ex-army man naturalised into Japanese society – and Arata Shindo, a sleep-loving happy-go-lucky ‘mentalist’, with A-class profiler skills – as the inspectors.

And, the two mô tả a very deep bond. (To the point that Shounen Ai lovers would have a field day taking screenshots and writing fanfics).

In canon though, the two have a twisted history that both explains và confuses readers of their attachment & commitment khổng lồ each other và their common goal.


While Kei is your average ex-military man with both brains và brawns lớn take down tough criminals quick decision making và smooth martial arts moves, his identity as a foreigner is extremely crucial to lớn this season, with immigrant crisis being one of the primary conflicts.

On the other hand, Arata lets you take your guard down with his boy-next-door charm and endearing personality, only lớn shock you with his mind-blowing – và somewhat creepy – mentalist skills. Và his almost superhuman parkour abilities.

To many, the use of Arata’s ‘mentalism’ khổng lồ solve cases may almost feel lượt thích a De Ex Machina addition the Psycho-Pass universe didn’t need. Not lớn mention, his gravity-defying parkour skills, that are a feast for the eyes during the chase scenes, but makes his character too good khổng lồ be true.


In conclusion, as of episode 6, Psycho-Pass 3 has kept us at the edge of our seats with nail-biting tension.


But the season has started us on too many side-plots & unanswered quests, of which only a section could be wrapped up in the remaining two episodes, without seeming too rushed.

We may be able khổng lồ draw curtains khổng lồ Arata và Kei’s main conflict in this season, but viewers would have khổng lồ wait for another season or another movie khổng lồ get a satisfying answer và resolution to Akane’s disappearance.

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