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Blockbuster battle royale game PUBG: New State is now available to download on Here is a quick review and some added detail of the newest title in PUBG franchise. Read now & discover!

At the beginning of 2021, Krafton announced that it was working on a điện thoại version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds called PUBG: New State. After much testing over the last year, we learned last month that the battle royale was finally ready for prime time, with the official release phối for November 11th. Well, that day is today, & so PUBG: New State is now available on as a free-to-play download. So far, player review are middling, with plenty of complaints sprinkled throughout the current 3.7 rating, covering issues like random server disconnects và lag, though to be fair, it is release day, as these kinds of problems tend lớn be expected.

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What Are Differences Between PUBG New State và PUBG Mobile?

PUBG: New State Trailer

Combat Mechanics and Gameplay


In terms of gameplay, PUBG New State does feel extremely familiar, if one has spent enough time with BGMI or PUBG Mobile, they should feel right at trang chủ with New State. There is nothing about the traversal or the shooting that will catch players off-guard, except for the combat roll, which was featured in the game’s promotion, & ultimately, doesn’t feel all that significant in the grand scheme of things.

The combat roll is but a small part of the new combat mechanics, as New State also introduces Peek, which allows players to lớn get a look around a corner & perhaps get a drop on enemies. However, Peek does little to truly offer a tactical advantage and ends up being a feature that players can find very little use of.

The combat roll is best used in tight, one-on-fights as breaking the player’s aim might provide you with the opening you need to get a drop on your enemy. The new Radio messages certainly help communication in-game in case players happen khổng lồ be playing without a microphone – và it combined with Waypoints make the squad makes communication a lot more efficient in the game.

A couple of quality-of-life changes have been made khổng lồ the Inventory such as being able khổng lồ drop a bunch of loot at once by simply dragging them to lớn that part of the Inventory.

The biggest highlight of PUBG New State, I discovered, was ultimately – the Drone Store. It is the single most significant addition to the formula and changes up things quite dramatically. Essentially, players will be able to lớn collect Drone Credits strewn across the maps and through them, they will be able lớn purchase items through the Drone Store, which will then be delivered right lớn a location of your choosing.

The Drone Store contains incredibly powerful items such as the Green Flare which can revive downed teammates and the Scout Drone, which can be used to check out areas và figure out your next move without you being under threat personally. Throughout TROI, there are plenty of interiors with bulletproof glass that provides some room for creativity as it can be used to lớn bait enemy players, and in the best case, leave them vulnerable should they stop to lớn reload.

In the end, the bulletproof glass doesn’t really make that much of a difference as its use-case is fairly unique and players won’t find themselves surrounded by bulletproof glass all the time. A nice little cảm ứng are these small, contained mobile rooms across TROI that contain a bunch of loot that players can choose to lớn camp in or phối traps for enemy players in. A molotov cocktail inside one of these rooms is a recipe for easy kills – plus, them running out of the room only leaves them xuất hiện to gunfire from your squad.

The new combat mechanics bởi a great job of providing players with an all-new experience that doesn’t just feel lượt thích PUBG smartphone with a new skin, which was a major concern within the community.

The Battle Royale mode feels pretty impressive and succeeds in every way fans were hoping, but the same cannot be said for the TDM mode. Right now, there is only one map available for TDM – Station, which is a pretty uninteresting maps with nothing really of note, và because TDM is so fast-paced, there isn’t really any use for the new mechanics, & thus, the mode just ends up being a little distraction, but mostly an afterthought.

The hope is that new maps will introduce more variety, and ultimately, make the feel worthwhile.

TROI và Graphics


TROI feels original, but in parts. Meaning, that parts of it are genuinely brilliant such – especially the futuristic urban parts of the city, but the rest of it is pretty much standard PUBG Mobile, & it feels lượt thích a missed opportunity.

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TROI can often feel lượt thích Auroa from Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, & its clearly taken inspiration from the same as the architecture plus the “futuristic road in the middle of nowhere” feel very Breakpoint-ish. While there is a ton of interesting spots throughout TROI, PUBG New State feels like it doesn’t really take enough advantage of its futuristic setting.

As previously mentioned, certain parts of TROI, such as Vermont, seem lượt thích exactly what players might have been expecting from PUBG New State, but these are only pockets of urban settings in an otherwise stark map.

The vehicles certainly make the extremely long stretches of barren land feel a little less cumbersome, & this time, there is a far bigger incentive for going around in a vehicle as the Trunk provides extra space for your Inventory. Yet, the Trunk will take some getting used khổng lồ as stashing weapons and loot still isn’t part of players’ muscle memory yet.

Krafton was talking a big trò chơi when it comes lớn the technical mastery of PUBG New State and tech like “global illumination” were front-and-center in the game’s marketing. The game does look pretty good, if your device can handle it.

TROI’s futuristic architecture allows the interiors khổng lồ be lit in an interesting way sometimes, which gives the trò chơi a distinct look & the outside looks pretty for the most part as well. While the game looked decent on “Ultra” on my iPhone XR, the “Extreme” graphics preset is still on the way, so it will be interesting to see if New State manages to look that much better later down the line.

Ultimately, PUBG New State feels lượt thích a step-up from PUBG Mobile, but not lớn the point where it becomes nearly impossible lớn go back lớn BGMI or PUBG Mobile, fearing a major graphical downgrade.

Is PUBG: New State a good game? 

PUBG New State does a great job by introducing new mechanics lớn the standard PUBG thiết bị di động formula, which helps it justify its existence as a proper sequel rather than simply a futuristic re-skin. While some of the new features in the game are a lot more significant than others, the overall experience is fresh enough for BGMI players and PUBG thiết bị di động players lớn make this their new, preferred experience.

The game begins to đại bại some of its well-deserved goodwill in the TDM mode which feels very barebones at this point, but the battle royale mode does enough lớn sway the needle in the positive direction.

Will New State now replace BGMI and PUBG smartphone as the go-to di động shooter experience for players? Probably. But will it sway COD mobile or không tính phí Fire fans? That can be a little tricky, mostly because while New State does introduce a bunch of fresh ideas, it very much feels like a PUBG điện thoại game, something khổng lồ which fans of COD thiết bị di động and không tính tiền Fire won’t likely respond to lớn well.

PUBG New State is a fun, engaging affair that does a lot of things right – with a little more polish lớn features lượt thích Peek & the Trunk, there is a lot of potential, here. Plus, with the addition of some new maps in TDM and perhaps even some new mechanics specifically for that mode, New State can be truly great in the near future.

Final Score – 8/10

PUBG: New State download

If you’d lượt thích to take PUBG: New State for a spin to biến hóa your own mind, you can grab the không tính phí install from widget below.

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