Pubg mobile: pmpl sea season 2 finals teams and date announced

The PUBG mobile Pro League South East Asia Season 2 (PMPL SEA Season 2) has been scheduled from 23rd October lớn 25th October 2020. Sixteen top teams from the region will battle it out for the title, massive prize pool, và slots at the PUBG mobile Global Championship 2020. The top four teams from the PMPL SEA Season 2 will qualify for the PMGC 2020.

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Top teams from five regions of South East Asia (Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Wildcard) will participate at the PMPL SEA Season 2, streamed exclusively on Facebook Gaming.

Yoodo Gank from Malaysia got a direct invitation for the tournament as defending champion (PMPL SEA Season 1 winners).

Qualified Teams for the PMPL SEA Season 2

1. Yoodo Gank (PMPL SEA S1 Champion)

From PMPL đất nước xinh đẹp thái lan Season 2:2. Team Secret xứ sở nụ cười thái lan (PMPL đất nước thái lan Finals champion)

3. RRQ Athena (PMPL xứ sở của những nụ cười thân thiện Finals runner-up)

4. Power888 KPS (PMPL thailand Regular Season winner)

From PMPL Indonesia Season 2:

5. Aerowolf Limax (PMPL Indonesia Finals champion)

6. Aura Esports (PMPL Indonesia Finals runner-up)

7. Bigetron RA (PMPL Indonesia Regular Season winner)

From PMPL Vietnam Season 2:

8. V Gaming (PMPL Vietnam Regular/Finals winner)

9. BOX Gaming (PMPL Vietnam Finals runner-up)

10. Xavier Team (PMPL Vietnam Finals second runner-up)

From PMPL MY/SG Season 2:


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Team Secret Malaysia (PMPL MY/SG Regular/Finals winner)

12. Team SMG (PMPL MY/SG Finals second runner-up)

13. Geek Fam (PMPL MY/SG Finals third runner-up)

From PMCO SEA Wildcard:

14. Iconic PH (PMCO SEA Wildcard winner, Philippines)

15. Yangon Galacticos (PMCO SEA Wildcard first runner-up, Myanmar)

16. All-Star Team Puyat (PMCO SEA Wildcard second runner-up)

About the PUBG sản phẩm điện thoại Global Championship 2020

The PUBG mobile Global Championship Season Zero (PMGC Season Zero) is getting closer. It features a $2,000,000 prize pool, the highest ever rewarding tournament ever in PUBG mobile history.

Although this PUBG mobile tournament"s schedule isn"t public yet, the Season Zero is expected to lớn begin in late November, with Chinese teams involved this time.

The fans are eager lớn experience this battle royale title, as this time, the sự kiện will be based on a new trò chơi mechanism, graphics, & points system.

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