One Piece: 10 Weird Facts You Never Knew About Pudding Love her or hate her we"ve compiled some weird facts you never knew about One Piece"s Charlotte Pudding.

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Charlotte Pudding is one of the members of the Charlotte Family & a part of the Big Mom Pirates. She"s one of the main characters khổng lồ appear in One Piece"s Whole Cake Island arc, where she is chosen to lớn be Sanji"s betrothed. As Sanji"s fiancée, Pudding ended up playing a vital role in the rescue of Sanji from her mother"s clutches.

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However, lượt thích many other side characters in Eiichiro Oda"s series, Pudding splits opinion aao ước the fans. Nonetheless, there is no denying that she"s one of the most interesting characters in the series regardless of whether you like her or hate her. Here are 10 weird facts that you didn"t know about Charlotte Pudding.

The Charlotte Family is headed by Yonko Big Mom, who has given birth to lớn a total of 85 children khổng lồ date. In those 85 children are her 39 daughters & 46 sons. Pudding is one of the youngest children of Big Mom, being the 35th daughter of Big Mom.

Interestingly, she"s also her 79th child, which means that after Charlotte Pudding, only 6 more children have been given birth lớn by the Yonko, Charlotte Linlin. Needless khổng lồ say that Big Mom won"t be looking khổng lồ stop expanding her family any time soon.

Charlotte Pudding"s age has caused quite a bit of confusion in the One Piece community because of a minor error from the author, Eiichiro Oda. With Charlotte Flampe being introduced as the 33rd daughter at 15 years old, Pudding was initially assumed lớn be younger than 15, which was catastrophic.

As it turned out, Flampe was then corrected to lớn being the 36th daughter of Big Mom, making her younger than Charlotte Pudding, and at the same time, making Pudding at least 16 years old. Later, Oda all but confirmed that Pudding was, in fact, 16 during Whole Cake Islvà.

Almost every member of the Charlotte family possesses Devil Fruit powers that are, in some way, related to food. For instance, Charlotte Katakuri had powers related lớn Mođưa ra, while Perospero had the ability lớn manipulate Candy. Among muốn the few who don"t possess food-based abilities is Charlotte Pudding.

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Pudding is a user of a Paramecia type of Devil Fruit known as Memo-Memo no Mi, which gives her the ability to manipulate people"s memories. Using this power, Pudding is said lớn have sầu fooled a countless number of people over time.

7 Her Race Is A Hybrid

The world of One Piece consists of a plethora of races as Oda doesn"t shy away from expanding the world even further than he"s done already. With Pudding, Odomain authority introduced to lớn us a race known as the Three-Eyed Tribe. This race was one of the new races to be introduced after the time-skip.

Interestingly enough, Pudding isn"t a pure Three-Eyed Tribe thành viên. Since her mother is Charlotte Linlin, a human, Charlotte Pudding is a hybrid between a human và Three-Eyed Tribe thành viên, making her only a half-Three-Eyed Tribe.

Pudding possesses some of the most fearsome abilities in One Piece that we"ve sầu seen to date. Aside from her gaining the Memo-Memo no Mi, Pudding also has a chance of awakening the power of the Three-Eyed Tribe. Using this power, Pudding can successfully use the ability known as the Voice of All Things.

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Introduced baông xã in Sabaody Archipelago by Rayleigh, the Voice of All Things gives one the power to hear objects, including the Poneglyphs. Once unlocked, Pudding can successfully understvà the writings on Poneglyphs without having to lớn read them.

5 Her Ranking In The Crew Is Quite High

Despite being one of the youngest members of the Charlotte Family, Pudding is already a Minister of Totlvà, which implies that she"s extremely powerful & holds decent authority in the crew. Pudding is known to lớn be the Minister of Chocolate of Totland.

Being the Minister of Chocolate, Pudding works with chocolate aao ước other things. She owns the cà phê "Caramel" located on Cacao Island, where she also works as the chocolatier. Undoubtedly, Pudding"s love sầu for food is just as great as her siblings và her mother.

Pudding"s character has taken a number of twists và turns throughout the Whole Cake Isl& arc. Initially, she jumped to lớn the side of the Straw Hat Pirates, only to lớn be revealed khổng lồ have phối up the entire crew later on.

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After getting a taste of Sanji"s kindness, Pudding genuinely wanted to help the Straw Hat Pirates escape from Totland. To vị so, she even helped bake the cake that bought the Straw Hat Pirates important time to escape from the grasp of the Yonko Charlotte Linlin, aka Big Mom.

3 She Fell In Love With Sanji

Although Pudding had no intention of helping the Straw Hats initially, seeing Sanji"s kind, respectful, và accepting nature made her change. Even though she wanted hyên to lớn die to get things over with, Sanji accepted her true nature despite knowing that she would eventually shoot him dead.

The shock of this made Pudding fall in love sầu with the cook of the Straw Hat Pirates. Essentially, this makes Charlotte Pudding only the second person to have fallen in love with a Straw Hat, the first being Boa Hancoông xã.

After witnessing Sanji"s kindness, Pudding couldn"t help but break down và become an emotional mess. Later on, she"s seen to lớn have developed an "erratic personality disorder". At times, Pudding scorns Sanji for fun despite not wanting lớn vày it.

Other times, she can"t help but blush and faint whenever Sanji speaks to lớn her, only making her character more rich and lovable in the process. It goes without saying that Eiichiro Oda created yet another incredible personality in Charlotte Pudding.

1 She"s A Victlặng of Sanji

According to Sanji"s sister, Vinsmoke Reiju, Sanji is the kindest person in the world of One Piece. This is further backed up by the fact that Sanji has successfully changed three different antagonists with nothing but kindness. The first person to lớn experience a taste of his kindness was Gin, who Sanji fed despite being an enemy.

At Dressrosa, Sanji succeeded in changing the nature of Viola, who was initially revealed to lớn be a thành viên of the Donquixote Pirates. Pudding only added to lớn the danh mục of Sanji"s victims, and arguably, she"s the most important of all of them in the entire series.

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