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Established in May, 2015, binhkhipho.vn Malaysia Snd. Bhd. is a subsidiary of PV Engineering, as binhkhipho.vnM, registered its office at Malaysia, specializes in project management consulting service, EPC services, Construction, Trading, Importing – Exporting material, equipment và supplying qualified manpower (for Engineering and Construction works), survey and inspection services.

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At present, binhkhipho.vnM is performing construction activities for 04 packages at RAPID – mega refinery and petrochemical complex project, in Malaysia as role of sub contractor for Tecnicas Reunidas (Spain) & Samsung Engineering Co. Ltd (Korea).

Following top management vision, binhkhipho.vnM is targeting to operate and develop till next 20 years resulting in mission from parent company & market needs.


Establishment of branch directly under Petro kiến thiết engineering và consulting joint stock company – design consulting enterprise is followed by decision No 49/QĐ-HDQT on March 15th, 2006 of board of directors located in No35, 30/4 Street, Ward 9. Vung Tau đô thị.

Design engineering and consulting center (DEC) was renamed from branch - kiến thiết engineering và consulting enterprise, and was followed by decision No 90/QĐ-HĐQT on Nov 24th, 2006 of board of directors, implement lớn consult và design petro projects for Petro Vietnam giới group & foreign petro contractor.

Establishment of kiến thiết engineering & consulting center was followed by decision 292/QĐ-TCHC on June 24th, 2011 of general director of Design engineering and consulting company about establishment of Design engineering & consulting center directly under company.

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With approximately 300 enthusiastic staff và engineers inured lớn experiences and trained regularly in both of domestic và international course, DEC is proud of being one of leading center in providing many kinds of consulting services, industrial and civil structure kiến thiết, urban infrastructure kiến thiết, industrial projects…


binhkhipho.vn - PMC

binhkhipho.vn Project Management Consultancy is a subsidiary of PV Engineering – Vietnam National Oil & Gas group, which resulted by restructuring of Oil và gas Structural Division and binhkhipho.vn’s functional departments.

Development milestones:

1998: Oil and gas structural division was merged from Gas structural division of Viet Gas to lớn Petrovietnam giới Investment & Construction J.S.C, named as Gas Production Enterprise (GPE);

2004: Petrovietnam giới Investment & Engineering Consultancy Company was turned inlớn public and changed name to Petrovietphái mạnh Engineering Joint Stock Company, và Gas structural division was advanced khổng lồ branch of binhkhipho.vn;

2011: In order to lớn achieve needs of development strategy of binhkhipho.vn, binhkhipho.vn PMC was established from GPE khổng lồ subsidiary of PV Engineering;

Currently, binhkhipho.vn PMC with professional và experienced employees including all degrees as doctor, PHD, engineer & bachelors, along with more than 40 technical workers completely facilitated with equipment & applicable software, participated in numbers of major projects such as Binc Phuoc Bio Ethanol plant, PM3 Camau gas treatment plant, Dung Quat Refinery, Dung Quat polypropylene plant, Nghi Son Refinery, Refinery & Petrochemical Integrated Development (RAPID) project in Malaysia…


binhkhipho.vn - SC

Petrovietnam Engineering Survey Consultancy Joint Stochồng Company (binhkhipho.vn SC) was established in May, 2011. Formerly recognized as Survey, Inspection & Construction services Division of Petrovietphái mạnh Investment, Engineering Consultancy J.S.C in 1998.

Throughout 20 years of development, binhkhipho.vn SC has successfully performed topographical survey, geotechnical investigation, and hydro meteorological data collection khổng lồ provide data for engineering for onshore và offshore pipelines, refineries, gas treating plant, gas distribution stations, LPG storage facilities, condensate production plant, power plans…of major petroleum projects.

binhkhipho.vn SC with licensed & experienced engineers has together created advantages in regard with effectiveness & qualified outcomes when applying updated technologies into lớn work/ project execution, along with following management standards of ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007.

On purpose of offering customers with high quality và on schedule, binhkhipho.vn SC has been proudly recognized as one of leading service providers on survey & inspection consulting aspects.

Head Office:

10th Floor, PV Gas Tower, 673 Nguyen Huu Tho,Nha Be District, Ho Chi Minc City, Vietnam

Representative sầu Office:

Unit 06, 12th Floor, VPI Tower, 173 Trung Kinc, Yen Hoa, Ha Noi, Vietphái mạnh -

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