How do I get tickets to the festival? QCMM is a miễn phí festival và no tickets are needed to attend! Some events hosted by local non-profits or businesses may require tickets or registration. Kiểm tra the “Events” tab on our Facebook page and/or & Sched khổng lồ see when a ticket is needed.

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Wait, what’s Sched và how bởi vì I get it? In 2022, we're using Sched to lớn provide you the most efficient và helpful way for you lớn plan your festival weekend. Khổng lồ use Sched, visit https://qcmm2022.sched.com. A limited number of logins are available for attendees lớn create their own personalized schedule. Please only create a login if you plan to utilize the personalized schedule part of the program, as logins are limited!

Sched may be used any time, even without a login. You can even sync your QCMM schedule to lớn your phone or calendar. Check it out on your computer, di động device, or through the không lấy phí app.

Will I be able to drive downtown? While you will still be able to lớn drive in the downtown area, there will be street closures, congestion & confusion. The traffic maps (found on our website & posted on our social media) shows which streets will still be accessible. Street closures have also been uploaded lớn Waze, so we encourage you lớn utilize that tiện ích while out and about downtown.

Where can I park? LIMITED parking is available downtown at either of the parking garages; they are located on New St và Johnson St.; both are accessible despite the street closures. If parking in the New St. Garage, please be mindful of the spots reserved for hotel guests.

Parking for our không tính phí shuttles is also available at the old Staunton Mall (90 Lee Jackson Hwy) on SATURDAY ONLY. This location will provide không tính tiền parking and is approximately 2 miles from the festival. Our free shuttles will be available khổng lồ take you from this location khổng lồ the center of the festival, downtown.

When do the shuttles run? không tính phí shuttles will be running on SATURDAY ONLY and will begin at 9 AM. The last shuttle will depart downtown at 9:30 PM. Shuttles will run on an ongoing basis. Please follow the instructions of our volunteer Virginia Women’s Institute for Leadership cadets, who will direct you to lớn park in the Shuttle Lot. Vì chưng NOT Park outside of the authorized area, as you may be towed.

Is there handicapped parking available? Handicapped parking is available in the thành phố National ngân hàng parking lot (#70) between Central Ave. And Lewis St. Look for the VWIL Cadets in fatigues to lớn gain access.

Where can I find festival maps? QCMM programs (which include the festival maps) will be available at the Info Booth (#43) on the Hufflepuff Block on Beverley Street. You can also find a maps on our website, social media, và in Sched.

Can I bring my pet? As much as we would love to lớn meet your furry friends, our festival environment will not be comfortable for pets. We ask you khổng lồ please leave Fluffy at home.

What time vày the trains arrive? Special guests will be arriving by train, provided by Buckingham Branch, three times during QCMM2022: Saturday at 9:45 AM và 2:45 PM & Sunday at 9:45 AM. All trains will arrive at the Staunton Train Station / Platform 9¾ (#97).

Where can I find the festival schedule? While our printed program features some festival highlights, this year we are using Sched khổng lồ provide users with the most comprehensive schedule of events, activities, and festival amenities. Visit https://qcmm2022.sched.com for the most complete & up-to-date look at all that’s available over the weekend. We encourage you to tải về and explore the Sched ứng dụng before you arrive.

Where can I get feast tickets? Feast tickets will be for sale on a first come basis on Saturday at 2pm at the Information Booth (#43). Ticket cost is $33 in cash or $36 if paying by card & all tickets are final sale. The thực đơn is Cottage Pie (80-beef and 40-vegetarian), served with British slaw and dessert. Each guest will receive assorted magical gifts & a đài truyền hình bbc Butterbrew in a take home cup. There is one seating for the feast & participants must be seated by 6pm. The feast will be held in Trinity Church’s Parish Hall (#63).

What if I need medical help? First Aid for minor scrapes will be available at the information booth (#43). There will be a thiết bị di động EMT unit downtown for emergencies. Gọi 9-1-1 in case of emergency.

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Are there public restrooms available? Yes! Bathrooms/PortaJohns can be found at map locations #71 (between Slytherin & Hufflepuff blocks) & #77 (Wharf area).

I lost my wand! Help!The lost và found (“Room of Requirement”) is located at the Staunton Visitors Center (#19).

Where can I change a young wizard’s diaper? Diaper changing stations can be found at Sunspots (#91), Baja Bean (#47), & Byers Street Bistro (#81).

Is there a quiet place khổng lồ breastfeed? Habitat for Humanity has given us access lớn their tiny house for the weekend for this purpose. It can be found near Do-Good Alley in the Wharf (#83).

Where is the hydration station? Please help us be responsible environmental stewards & bring your own reusable water bottle khổng lồ QCMM! A water station, provided by May Supply & hosted by Atlantic Union Bank, will be available to fill your bottle. It can be found behind the Info Booth (#43).

What is Traipse & how can I get it? The free Traipse phầm mềm offers over a dozen themed tours of Staunton, helping you explore, shop, & have fun as you explore this our city. .Traipse is providing an interactive QCMM festival map. This is a great activity to vày when lines get long or if there is a lull in activities you wish lớn attend. For more information or help, visit the Traipse table (#60), your device’s tiện ích store, or www.traipse.co.

I don’t know my house! Can I be sorted at QCMM? Yes! Sorting by a local Boy Scout troop will take place at the Wharf near Byers Street Bistro throughout the festival.

Will the collectable cards be back this year? We are taking a break from cards in 2022, but we have something new for you to lớn collect this year! Inside the QCMM program (available at the Information Booth), you will find three different puzzles.

Visit each participating business/organization to collect puzzle pieces. The first 500 people to lớn complete the first two puzzles can stop by the Info Booth for a limited edition sticker.

The third puzzle is a real head-scratcher and will challenge even the wisest witches và wizards. The first 333 people khổng lồ complete the third puzzle & bring it khổng lồ the Info Booth will receive a limited edition print of our magical QCMM map, signed by local artist, Candace Christy, of Paper Snacks Studios.

I missed pre-ordering a QCMM t-shirt! Can I get one at the festival? We will have official QCMM merchandise available for sale over the weekend at #40 on the map. Please be aware that quantities of t-shirts, etc. Are limited, so if there is a particular style/size you are looking for, we advise making a stop at the Merch Table early in your visit.

I have concerns related lớn COVID; what preventative measures are in place at QCMM? We are partnering with Dynamic DXs—a local but world class COVID prevention company. They are providing masks, thorough và regular sterilization of high traffic surfaces with chemicals, và other new and great technology/equipment. Dynamic DXs will have a table at #35 on the bản đồ if you have more specific questions for the or would lượt thích additional information. We appreciate the tư vấn of the Staunton Downtown Development Association lớn make our partnership with Dynamic Dxs possible.

We want khổng lồ meet some characters and take pictures! What’s the best way to bởi vì that? Meet-and-greet with our official QCMM characters is provided by Stuart Hall and will take place at location #55 on the map. Attendees will have the opportunity to lớn take pictures here, as well. We will tóm tắt a schedule for character times closer to the festival.

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