“Que” evokes a svào sense of “home” in Vietnamese, a place filled with enduring memories of family & friends where your heart yearns to lớn return no matter where you may be.

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Comprised of 24 bungalows set directly on Xuan Dai Bay and backed by green, forested hills, Que Toi Village offers rustic yet stylish accommodations just steps from the beach.



Que Toi Village has 24 guest roomsset directly on our private stretch of Trắng svà beach. Each bungalow offers a generous 62 sqm of indoor and 160 sqm totalliving space highlighted by a wall of glass framing postcard-perfect views of the cất cánh.




Greet each morning with a complimentary breakfast served in the courtyard overlooking the bay.

Choose from a selection of Asian & Western dishes including traditional Vietnamese beef noodle soup or eggs made khổng lồ order with a French-style baguette, accompanied by a beverage of your choice including a velvety Vietnamese drip coffee or a glass of hot chocolate.

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Ringed by green hills, scenic Xuan Dai Bay is home page to lớn a vibrant fishing and lobster farming industry.

Explore the tranquil waters of the bay dotted with fishing boats và floating seafood farms with the resort’s own stvà up paddle boards and kayaks.

With our private stretch of beach, large pool deông chồng and spacious sister restaurant just next door, Que Toi Village is the igiảm giá khuyến mãi venue for your next intimate sự kiện or corporate retreat.

Book out the entire resort for the wedding of your dreams, complete with a barefoot beach wedding ceremony under the palm trees và finishing with a catered seafood extravaganza in the private banquet room next door.

We can also help plan your next corporate event, including team building activities on the beach, conferences in the adjacent private function space, và a networking cocktail soirée under the stars.

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