Samay raina and his funny chess streams, youtube channel samay raina

Saying that the lockdown didn"t turn us all into chess enthusiasts at some point would be an understatement. While the Netflix original The Queen"s Gambit made us believe that we all have been a prodigy all along after a stunning win over that six-year-old cousin, online chess tournaments helped us make new friends & keep in touch with the old ones (along with other games such as Ludo, Among Us và Skribbl, of course).

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Well, if you could relate to lớn the aforementioned stuff, then you definitely had been watching Samay Raina"s streams on YouTube. From chess to gaming & random pranks, this stand-up comic surely has kept us all entertained during the two years of lockdown while we were drinking our Dalgona coffee in some dark corner of the house. His streams playing chess proves it that something as "sophisticated" as a game of chess can be funny and an absolute delight to follow!

We picked up some of the best moments and streams of Raina for you, so read on!

1. When he và his followers ended up crashing a chess website
Samay had invited his followers to lớn an online trò chơi of chess. Simple, right? But when 3000 of the people turned up, the whole website crashed globally! 

The streams where Samay tries khổng lồ convince random people khổng lồ play a game of chess with him will leave you in splits!

Can you imagine Viswanathan Anand playing an online chess game, instead of sitting in front of other international players? Well if you can"t, watch this đoạn clip right away!

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4. When he prank called chess grandmasters unapologetically lượt thích a pro!

Apart from Raina himself playing chess with people, one can also find various battle streams on his YouTube channel. While he leads one team, other chess streamers go with another, & the battle begins! Samay"s pep talks to lớn his team will motivate you to lớn work today, I swear.

And then we couldn"t resist laughing khổng lồ our heart"s content. Well, seems lượt thích Samay likes butchering songs và corrupting their lyrics as much as he likes chess, so here"s to more funny content!
Many a times, you can find comedian & co-founder of All India Bakchod Tanmay Bhatt in his streams, which are as fun to lớn watch as these two comics themselves!
If his streams weren"t enough, Raina brought another refreshing stream where he along with others played the trò chơi of (not-so)melodies: antakshari!
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