I tried this version of Rui Costa during this WL. He played as a LAM and in 24 games he scored 17 goals & 18 assists.

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He"s very beautiful in game with his elegance with the ball touch, this elegance sometimes disappeare when you run a lot, but without R2 you can feel a lot the 90 dribbling stats.

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With Catalyst chem style you have full op stats in passing, if you use Hunter (like me) you can improve sầu the 82 fininishing in 92 very useful when you are box khổng lồ box.

He"s very impressive with the passing and cross, very beautiful freekicks & great corners too. He isn"t meta but idc.

He"s very bea d





Hi there, I did his loan card and he was insane, so I decided khổng lồ vày his normal sbc card for about 40k.Very good pace, for me it"s enough with engine. 9/10Shooting as well very good, and he"s got finesse shot trait. 8,5/10Sichồng passing, amazing balance and composure. 10/10Very good dribbling, great ball control. 9,5/10Strong, và reliable- that"s what I have sầu lớn say about his physical stats. ...

Okay I may be a bit bias because it"s the first ever inhỏ I got in any fifa & it"s untradeable(I did the sbc). I probably drain my whole club to get hlặng & I dont regret it because now I have sầu a better striking force than ever with Lukas Podolski & Mesut Özil. The first card that when i get hyên ổn in good position he doesn"t miss.
So i originally tried his loan out and i really liked it so i decided to vì the actual sbc and he is a beast. I"m a div 4/3 player and he was good for me with a hunter it improves his shootin but it isnt god tier, the best parts of the card are the passing and dribbling they feel really good. For a more in depth nhận xét pls chek out my đoạn phim help as it would mean alot.
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