Cách Mở Hộp Thoại Run Trong Windows 8


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The Start screen doesn’t ordinarily include the Run command. But nguồn users và über-geeks may well want khổng lồ put it back into the Start screen, following the instructions in Chapter 2.

Or don’t bother. Whenever you want the Run command, you can just press

+R, or type run at the Start screen, or right-click the lower-left corner of the screen và choose Run from the secret Utilities menu.

The Run command gets you to lớn a command line, as shown in Figure 6-35. A command line is a text-based method of performing a task. You type a command, click OK, and something happens as a result.


The command line in the Run dialog box is primarily for opening things. Windows also comes with a program called Command Prompt that offers a far more complete environment—not just for opening things, but also for controlling và manipulating them. Nguồn users can type long sequences of commands and symbols in Command Prompt.

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If you’re a PC veteran, your head probably teems with neat Run commands you’ve picked up over the years. If you’re new to lớn this idea, however, the following are a few of the useful and timesaving functions you can perform with the Run dialog box.


Figure 6-35. Top: The last Run command you entered appears automatically in the mở cửa text box. You can use the drop-down menu to ...

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