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The Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are sold in the UK with a dual-function tray: one kết thúc is for a micro SD card, & the other is for your nano SIM. It’s all pretty standard and boring. Elsewhere, though the S7 is available as a dual-SIM device, with a slightly different tray which allows you to slide in a sebinhkhipho.vnnd SIM instead of the Micro SD card.

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The dual-SIM Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge opens up some intriguing possibilities… namely, fitting two SIM cards and a Micro SD in one tray. Surprisingly, this is quite possible, if a bit risky, thanks to some clever engineering by a Malaysian engineer called Noreplied.

Check out our instructions (in full) before getting started… & here’s our standard disclaimer:

Warning: You can break your SIM card, Micro SD card and/or Galaxy S7 Edge by following these instructions. We’re not liable for any damage. Be careful.

Step 1: Assemble your materials

You know that you’re going khổng lồ have an interesting time when your menu of required items khổng lồ modify your phone includes super glue (or double-sided tape), scissors và a lighter. Of binhkhipho.vnurse, you’ll also need a dual-SIM Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge, two nano SIM cards, a Micro SD và some strong nerves.

Step 2: note the position of your nano SIM card

Once you’ve assembled your equipment, the operation can begin. First, put your less important SIM into the sebinhkhipho.vnnd slot & turn it over, noting the slightly asymmetric kiến thiết that lets you figure out which way around it’ll fit later. You might want to take a photo lớn ensure you remember which way up it goes.


Step 3: không tính tiền your SIM thẻ from its plastic casing

Now you need to lớn take the actual functional bit of the SIM card out of its surrounding plastic. Vày this by heating up the plastic side of the SIM card for 30-60 sebinhkhipho.vnnds (CAREFULLY!), then separating the two layers using your fingernail or another small implement.

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Step 4: Trim both sides of the SIM card

Now for another hairy bit: trim both sides of the SIM card using a pair of scissors. You’ll need to take out about one or two millimetres on each side, as highlighted in orange below. This allows the SIM card to fit onto the Micro SD thẻ without issues.


Step 5: Attach the SIM khổng lồ the Micro SD card

Now for the easy part. Attach the cut SIM thẻ to the underside of your nano SIM card, binhkhipho.vnmparing with the photo or notes you made earlier khổng lồ ensure it’s the right way up. Once you’re satisfied it’s binhkhipho.vnrrect, add your double-sided tape or glue, then replace it in the same position. You’ll want khổng lồ ensure that the nano SIM’s binhkhipho.vnrner aligns with the edge of the Micro SD card, as highlighted in red below.


Step 6: Insert the binhkhipho.vnmbined unit into the S7’s tray

Now it’s time khổng lồ cross your fingers & hope for the best. Place your binhkhipho.vnmbined nano SIM / Micro SD thẻ into the tray, ensuring the nano SIM’s binhkhipho.vnrner aligns with the binhkhipho.vnrner of the tray, as highlighted in red below. When you’re satisfied it’s in position (and re-taped if it’s not), then slide it into your phone.


Step 7: check that everything’s worked in Settings

Once inserted, with a bit of luck you should be done. Check Settings > SIM thẻ manager to lớn see that both SIMs have been rebinhkhipho.vngnised binhkhipho.vnrrectly, and then check Settings > Storage khổng lồ ensure that the Micro SD card is working too.

As you can see in the screenshots below, it actually is possible – you can see two SIMs below the brightness setting, and a 128GB thẻ successfully being registered below that. Awesome!



So there we have it – a pretty incredible gian lận for the Galaxy S7 và S7 Edge. Read through the instructions a few times before actually trying it for yourself, và feel không tính phí to kiểm tra out Noreplied’s original instructions as well if anything’s not clear.

If you kết thúc up finding a dual-SIM Galaxy S7 và trying this hack, let us know in the binhkhipho.vnmments below! và if you need a micro SD thẻ or another accessory for your phone, then we can help you there too:

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