9 Tuyển Thủ Saigon Jokers Có Cú Ăn 4 Lịch Sử Năm 2016, Bây Giờ Còn Bao Nhiêu Người Được Đánh Vcsa


Saigon Jokers is a League of Legends team based in Vietnam. They were first formed to lớn compete in 2012 GPL Season 1. The Saigon Jokers were the first Vietnamese League of Legends team khổng lồ form.

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Season 2

Saigon Jokers was originally formed in April of 2012 lớn play in the 2012 GPL Season 1. SAJ started with 10 members chosen from more than 2000 candidates across Vietnam. Through out the league, they generally maintained third place overall. At the beginning of the season in the 2012 GPL Season 1 Opening event they placed third, defeating Kuala Lumpur Hunters 1-0.

On September 9th, 2012, the Saigon Jokers competed in the Season Two South East Asian Regional Finals for the South East Asian slot at the Season 2 World Championship. After losing khổng lồ the Singapore Sentinels in the second round they played through the Loser"s Bracket, defeating the Kuala Lumpur Hunters and TNC GG.PH to eventually face the Singapore Sentinels once again in the finals. They defeated their rivals 2-1 despite starting with a one game disadvantage, securing the upset & earning themselves a place at the championship. <1>

On October 4th, 2012, the Jokers traveled lớn Los Angeles to participate in the Season 2 World Championship. They were widely regarded as the clear underdogs for the sự kiện based on rankings from several writers và professionals. <2> In their first match of the group stage, they built a small early lead against NaJin Sword but were unable to lớn convert it into a win. Their next game was played against Team Dignitas; the Jokers pulled off a huge upset, maintaining a significant gold lead throughout the game and taking the win. This set up a final match against CLG EU khổng lồ decide the second team to advance from Group B. However, the Jokers failed lớn match the relentless farming & objective pushing of their European opponents. They finished in 9th-10th place, taking trang chủ $ 50,000.

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Season 3

Although their sister team Saigon Fantastic Five was found with former players of Saigon Jokers (special their former Jungler Violet ), they still was the most powerful team in Vietnam.After their victory at Glourious Arena Season 3, they participated in Road khổng lồ Legends with a big confidence but they was defeated by Saigon Fantastic Five & Full Louis.As the champions of Glourious Arena Season 3, Saigon Jokers và another Saigon"s team, Xgame, participated in Season_3_Southeast_Asia_Regional_Finals but they was defeated by the tournament"s champions, Mineski.




October 14th, Lee In Cheol joins as the coach.




Player Roster


Youth Team


|-|| Uzi |Lê Thanh Hà|Sub/Support| Saigon Fantastic Five

|-|| Violet |Ngô táo tợn Quyền|Jungle| Saigon Fantastic Five




| icaruse |Lee In-cheol (이인철)|Head Coach


|-|| Bu |Nguyễn Đắc Bá Nhật|Coach|Template:None|-|| Egg |Lê Hoàng Ngà|Analyst|Template:None|-|| Boilu |Nguyễn chũm Hưng|Manager|Template:None|-|| Tinikun |Dương Nguyễn Duy Thanh|Coach|

 Bangkok Titans

Team Achievements

 Kuala Lumpur Hunters$ 1,000
tăng like fanpage | LOTO188 CITY