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The widely popular Korean fantasy martial-arts massively multiplayer online role-playing game Blade và Soul recently received a sản phẩm điện thoại version calledBlade & Soul Revolution.The original B&S enthusiasts, as well as new players who weren’t able khổng lồ play the OG title, can finally enjoy a great MMO on their sản phẩm điện thoại phones.

To begin with Blade and Soul Revolution, you must know about the different classes, the pros & cons and other details. It will allow us lớn put forward some of the best playable classes ofBlade & Soul Revolution. Furthermore, help new players khổng lồ choose the best Blade và Soul Revolution class, as per their liking.

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Blade Masters


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Blade Master is an all-rounder class that is good with both offence & defence. The skillset of Blade Master allows players to perform attacks và parries swiftly. The Blade Master is a high DPS dealer class that is best for players looking for unleashing a flurry of sword attacks, manoeuvring the battlefield with ease, và performing other similar actions.

Race: Yun, Jin

Pros: High DPS, easy to use, full parry.

Cons: crowd control is not an option in the early stages.



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Destroyers is your best Tank options if you like to agro enemies và then overpower them. Destroyer is not a DPS class. However, they are good at staggering enemies, getting agro, và other similar actions.

Race: Gon

Pros: Strong attack power, Strong defense, Good for agro, Good crowd control, Very easy khổng lồ use.

Cons: Slow and Sluggish.

Force Masters


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Force Master is like a mage class who are good at dealing damage at long range. While the damage dealt by Force Master is high, their defense is very low. So, if you are someone who like dealing long range damage while continuously being on the move then force master is the best class for you.

Race: Yun, Lyn, Gon

Pros: Long range engagement, high attack power, best at PVE crowd control, swift movement.

Cons: PVP requires skill, very low defense.

Kung Fu Masters


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Kung Fu Master is a class that excels at turning the tides of a battle using their great offensive và countering skills. Chaining skills and attacks is how you can draw out the most out of Kung Fu Master class. Kung Fu Master perform great when they are in a team with other class warriors.

Race: Gon, Yun, Jin.

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Pros: Good offence and counter, chaining ability results in high damage, good at both one on one & group battles.



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Summoner is a class that uses a battle companion to lớn overwhelm their enemies. The best part about the summoner class is that you summon does most of the heavy work, like agro enemies, dealing devastating damage, controlling mobs, etc. While you can help and support the battle using long range attacks and support abilities.

Race: Lyn

Pros: Class difficult is high but easy to use, high damage, low skill, self healing abilities.

Cons: Mastering the summoner for PVP và PVE is difficult.

Blade Dancers

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Just as the name suggests, Blade Dancer is a class somewhat similar khổng lồ the Blade Master. However, with added skills of better mobility, high attack speed và power, great control capability, etc at the expense of defense.

Race: Lyn

Pros: High attack speed, Good crowd control, high DPS.

Cons: Defense is poor, hard lớn use.


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The warlock is the most recent addition to lớn BnS Revolution. The warlock is the best class to act as a glass cannon build. Thanks to their overwhelming attack power. The warlocks giảm giá khuyến mãi high damage. On vị trí cao nhất of that, they địa chỉ debuffs khổng lồ the enemies. If that is not enough, then you should know that they can also summon demonic Thrall to attack on their stead.

Race: Jin, Lyn

Pros: Mid-range battle expert, high damage capabilities, debuffs enemy.

Cons: Long skill cooldown.

Best Classes in Blade và Soul

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The sentence best classes in BnS Revolution carries different meanings. For new players, the best classes are easy to lớn use, giảm giá good damage, and the over game is easy lớn grasp. For MMO veterans, best classes mean something challenging, hard lớn master, tricky, but with a massive benefit in the end game & PVP aspect.

Best BnS Revolution Classes for new players

Best BnS Revolution Classes for others

Blade Dancer, Kung Fu Master, Force Master.

Blade và Soul: Revolutionis now available on theApp StoreandGoogle Play Storeworldwide.

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