Sk telecom t1 vs samsung galaxy on lol 2017 world championship


Beijing saw another dynasty fall Saturday night. Samsung Galaxy upset the three-time defending champions SK Telecom T1 3-0 in the Bird’s Nest to take the Summoner’s Cup. For Samsung, it was revenge for last year’s defeat 3-2 in the World Championship final. Their roster, kept intact since that heartbreaking loss, finally found redemption against the greatest organization in League of Legends’ history. I’m sure the sweep made it sweeter.

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Few saw Samsung’s utter erasure of SKT coming. The LCK"s third seed had looked gangbusters against Longzhu and stalwart against Team WE, but they’d lost twice in group play và were nearly beaten by wildcard 1907 Fenerbahçe Espor. Plus, SKT had swept Samsung two months ago in the LCK gauntlet. Faker’s Lucian broke Crown so badly he was in tears after trò chơi 1. By trò chơi 3, Ruler & CoreJJ were benched in favor of Stitch & Wraith. This was the team supposed to lớn slay a titan?

Yet anyone who followed SKT since their victory at MSI had seen warning signs beneath the mystique. An LCK Summer Split devoid of all threat until it mattered most. A Worlds group stage whose solid 5-1 record & top finish hid an alarming tendency to fall behind early. A quarterfinal with Misfits they were one team fight from losing. A semifinal against Royal they would not have survived without Faker’s Herculean performance on Galio. SKT’s path lớn finals was littered with the detritus of teams that made more mistakes than they did.

But then, finally, SKT faced a team in SSG that made no mistakes. Suddenly, there were no poorly chosen late-game team fights khổng lồ turn, no matchups to lớn exploit in lane, no macro errors to punish, no off-meta picks or misexecuted team comps to watch implode. Samsung were patient, brilliant, and above all else, the better team.

While SKT relied heavily on Faker’s otherworldly gifts to paper over their issues, Samsung lacked a cure-all superstar. Without a God to save them, everyone in đen needed support each other for optimum team performance. Samsung’s preferred strategy—low-engage with objectives secured through superior vision—demands complete cohesion among team members khổng lồ succeed. They did so for three straight games.

Every single matchup belied Samsung’s superiority. Bang và Wolf didn’t chiến bại bot lane three games in a row because they’re bad players; Ruler and Corejj were simply stronger. Peanut and Blank didn’t suddenly forget how to gank or pressure lanes; Ambition’s carefully laid vision prevented all of it.

Huni và Faker aren’t poor solo laners. But in Crown & CuVee, they encountered opponents who counter-picked them, exited lane quickly, then out-rotated them. CuVee split pushed better than Huni, & Crown tied Faker to lớn mid lane as best he could lớn limit the superstar’s roams.

Despite SKT’s (read: Faker’s) best efforts, each trò chơi told the same story. Samsung would absorb pressure in the early game, careful not lớn fall inescapably behind through objective trading & strong laning. Then, they’d seize on a team fight and explode across the map. In trò chơi 1, it was the first Baron fight, a 4-0 victory (that included First Blood) they won despite Peanut’s steal. In game 2, it was the 5-1 Ace around drake that saw CuVee GNAR! half of SKT after Ambition and Ruler had brought them low with their own ultimate abilities.

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Samsung fell behind over seven thousand gold in trò chơi 3, yet one massive 5v5 around Baron allowed them to take the buff và nearly end the game. They’d bởi vì so minutes later when Ruler killed Faker with a well-landed Chains of Corruption. This time, it was Faker who ended the trò chơi in tears.

Game 3 was even worse, with Bang pushing Ruler away from a ravenous SKT frontline during a Baron bait, then stepping forward enough for CuVee khổng lồ Feast him dead nearly in one shot. SKT surrendered another massive gold lead, the Baron, and soon the game.

But lớn place the blame entirely on Bang’s shoulders is unfair. SKT needed to adapt to a bot-lane focused early trò chơi after their trò chơi 1 thumping, but never did. Even Blank’s substitution in trò chơi 3 didn’t solve this issue, with SKT preferring to lớn send their jungler khổng lồ gank solo lanes instead. Thus Bang và Wolf withered on the vine, unable lớn draw attention away from Huni’s split push attempts. Faker’s desperate attempts to lớn rectify the situation as Karma in game 3 resulted in his overextension & death.


SKT’s entire split push-centric strategy—set into stone with the decision lớn bring Huni to Worlds over Untara—never got off the ground. Instead, they were reduced to lớn imitators, borrowing from Misfits Gaming in favor of any other ideas. IgNar’s Fervor Leona made a second appearance in Wolf’s hands, but to lesser effect. Faker tried on PowerOfEvil’s Karma mid & Huni experimented with Alphari’s Yasuo, but in both cases the originals surpassed their remakes. It was disconcerting watch kkOma, one of the best coaches in League of Legend’s history, steal so heavily from another’s playbook. The team was constructed khổng lồ split push, not team fight like Misfits, và to phối the two was a mistake.

Give Samsung credit; they battled back twice from significant gold deficits to complete their championship sweep. But there was never any mystery khổng lồ their strategies. Vision control with an absurd amount of Control Wards plus CuVee’s split push và a snowballing bot lane were key ingredients in all of their victories regardless of how far SKT led. Samsung executed well, but also benefited from SKT’s inability to come up with an answer.


Which brings us lớn Faker, whose utter devastation after trò chơi 3 will be (wrongly) the only image anyone remembers from this final five years from now. His play ultimately wasn’t enough khổng lồ rescue a discombobulated side, but he was far from the reason SKT finished second-best. Even God can"t 1v5.

While Faker’s uncharacteristic display of emotion in the face of his first series loss at Worlds perhaps signaled the kết thúc of an era, I hope we’re merely in the second act of a trilogy. SKT won in 2016, Samsung returned the favor in 2017. What will 2018 bring? Something tells me Faker and a retooled SKT squad will be back terrorizing Korea in no time. For now, all hail the new dynasty: Samsung Galaxy.

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