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Sony Ericsson came up with a series of phones under the Walkman brand to lớn convince people that a phone can also be a useful and high-quality music player. Back then, this was a huge khuyến mãi because, well, sản phẩm điện thoại phones were quite boring with not many features on offer.

Sony Ericsson"s Walkman really took off in a big way & they ended up launching a bunch of new phones. Today, we"ll be taking a quick look at some of the old Sony Ericsson Walkman phones that take us back to the good old days.

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Sony Ericsson W800


This was the first phone which Sony Ericsson announced under the Walkman series. The W800 was extremely popular, thanks lớn features lượt thích 30 hours battery life when used as a music player, an included 512MB memory stick, & a pair of good chất lượng headset. It also offered a really cool software lớn manage music from a PC.

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Sony Ericsson W350


The Sony Ericsson W350 was a dedicated truyền thông phone like no other. The phone featured a clamshell thiết kế where you had to xuất hiện the cover khổng lồ reveal the Numpad. This particular thiết kế was quality to this phone and it was really cool. It was also one of the very phones khổng lồ come with "Flight Mode", which is quite a common feature these days.

Sony Ericsson W550


This particular device has made it khổng lồ this list, & probably every other popular Sony Ericsson phones list, mainly because of its design. Not sure if people would love khổng lồ use this big bulky brick today, but it was huge back in the day. It was firmly placed in the musical youth market. The flip mechanism was refreshing amidst all the clamshell phones that were coming out.

Sony Ericsson W8


The Sony Ericsson W8 was the first Walkman phone to ship with Android. It was essentially a rebranded Xperia X8, but it was quite popular among the music enthusiasts. It was powered by a 600Mhz processor & had a 3-inch display on the front. It was running on android 2.1 Eclair.

Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman


The Sony Ericsson Live With Walkman wasn"t all that different from the W8, however, it was one of the last Sony Ericsson Walkman phones khổng lồ hit the mainstream market. This particular phone was also running on app android out of the box, but users were able khổng lồ install CyanogenMod after unlocking the phone"s bootloader. 

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