Stickman Ghost 2 Galaxy Wars is the latest version of Stickman Ghost.

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This time, the character is found in the midst of a galactic battle. In Stickman Ghost 2 Galaxy Wars you"ll travel through differbinhkhipho.vnt planets of the galaxy fighting against your binhkhipho.vnemies. You"ll have several ways khổng lồ take them down: using your own punches and kicks, using a knife or with a firearm. If you"re precise with your hits và shots, you"ll be able to lớn defeat all the evil beings. In each fight, you can choose what you want lớn use to fight, according khổng lồ the setting và how many people are attacking you. But you have to be fast và agile because these beings attack in groups và they"re merciless.

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If you manage to lớn defeat all of them, you"ll move on khổng lồ the next phase. For each victory, you"ll be rewarded with coins. These coins will let you unlock other weapons that you can use in future battles. If you liked Stickman Ghost: ninja Warrior, tải về the new version and binhkhipho.vnjoy all the options it has to lớn offer. Be number one and beat all your binhkhipho.vnemies!

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