If you love 2d arcade kích hoạt games and the nin-ja genre, then “Stickman Revenge” is the right choice for a good time.

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Stickman Revenge brings joy to kích hoạt lovers, và you will become an excellent nin-ja stickman in a chaotic world. The game offers a tremendous offline mode, & the trò chơi is a perfect combination of thủ thuật blast & classic RPG.

Stickman Revenge brings to the world of Shadow ninja, and players can perform the most epic action-adventure. In addition, you can unlock many quality powers. The trò chơi has a vast map, many of the best weapons, & the most powerful shadow monsters.

Download “Stickman Revenge” khổng lồ join the ninja kingdom!

The 4th Success of ninja Stickman

Stickman Revenge is an excellent sản phẩm of Bravestars Games. The game is the fourth installment in the Stickman Revenge series. The game belongs khổng lồ this action genre. Players will play the role of a lovely black stickman. The highlight of the Stickman is the red scarf và the mighty sword.

Stickman Revenge has 2 chiều graphics. The kiến thiết style is simple và very attractive. The game features more than hundreds of different types of monsters and special upgrades for various weapons. In particular, the offline mode allows players lớn experience the great trò chơi anytime, anywhere.

Stickman Revenge is a super sản phẩm from Bravestars Games – the studio of Shadow of Death. The Stickman nin-ja series has attracted millions of players worldwide, and the series has over 40 million downloads on GooglePlay.


Interesting story about the world of Ninja

Stickman Revenge introduces the exciting story of the nin-ja world. Monsters have invaded the entire land of legend. The demons wanted to lớn control human civilization và wanted powerful slaves (from the human race và the ninja clan). Of course, some powerful ninja heroes want khổng lồ save the world. Powerful ninjas with the nguồn of darkness will take revenge on the monsters.

Stickman Revenge brings an epic & lovely storyline. You explore the exciting storyline through battles with powerful monsters. Get ready to lớn explore the nin-ja world and unlock exciting và challenging journeys.

The control system is easy & familiar

Stickman Revenge has an easy & intuitive control system. You are easy lớn control in classic shadow combat battles. Of course, you need time khổng lồ master the combat system. The high levels are challenging, so you need to make the right decisions.

Stickman Revenge allows the player to lớn control the ninja to move & attack. You have to lớn press the touch keys khổng lồ control the ninja. If you want to move the ninja at full speed, you use the virtual joystick on the left side of the screen. If you’re going to perform attacks with waves of enemies, you use the kích hoạt buttons on the right side of the screen.

If you are a fan of the kích hoạt genre, you will feel familiar with the game’s control system. Stickman Revenge has many kích hoạt moves lượt thích slashing, shooting, jumping, fighting, etc.

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Use powerful nin-ja heroes

Stickman Revenge allows players to lớn explore three powerful Shadow ninja characters. Each character has its unique characteristics và skills. It would help if you collected unique skins & power-ups lớn have a perfect power-up. The game has classes like Samurai, Archer, Mage, etc. You have lớn unlock ninja powers và choose fighting skills that suit your style.

Stickman Revenge offers about ten different weapons. It would help if you won levels khổng lồ collect bonus points. You use the bonus points to lớn upgrade your favorite weapon, & you will enjoy the incredible power nguồn of your favorite weapon.

Explore the tăng cấp system

Stickman Revenge makes it interesting through a complex nâng cấp system. You can improve your weapons và combat skills to khuyến mãi more damage lớn your enemies. In addition, you can summon the help of angels & pets in a brutal fight. If you have the right development strategy, then you will create a powerful ninja. From here, you increase your chances of winning.

Stickman Revenge delivers waves of powerful enemies. But you have to lớn wait a certain amount of time to receive the next wave of monsters. Therefore, you need khổng lồ take advantage of all the different abilities khổng lồ intercept enemies on land/air.


Lots of replay value

Stickman Revenge not only offers an excellent revenge journey, but the game also contains a lot of replay value. You can continue to lớn use the skill for a further revenge journey. If you complete all the main chapters of the story, then you can continue the journey. You can experience the challenging quái vật Raid mode. In addition, the trò chơi will địa chỉ PvP mode in the new update.

Stickman Revenge creates trả lời value with difficulty. You can fight extremely dangerous trùm cuối bosses. It would help if you had a lot of skill and effort khổng lồ destroy the powerful final bosses. Of course, you need to upgrade many things (like attack power, armor, health) lớn win each battle.

Play anywhere & join the vast community

Stickman Revenge offers a great experience of classic action. Therefore, you can play the game anywhere because the trò chơi does not need wifi. You can play offline anywhere, such as by bus, suburban house. Of course, you also save data by wifi.

Stickman Revenge also owns a large community. Therefore, you can join the game’s social network lớn chat or share your adventure stories. In addition, you also know about new updates & participate in community events. Surely if you win at significant events, then you will win big prizes.

Stickman Revenge has high-quality 2 chiều visuals & engaging sound. All animations are unique và of high quality. Players enjoy the most beautiful epic battles. You have many great experiences in shadow settings & stickman ninja style.

You can tải về “Stickman Revenge 3” – a successful version of Bravestars Games. The game is the third installment in the Stickman Revenge series. You control the Stickman character khổng lồ wipe out cruel enemies và monsters. The game has exciting obstacles và a great epic storyline.


Get ready for the dark ninja’s revenge journey

In short, Stickman Revenge is a great kích hoạt game and also the fourth successful version in the Stickman Revenge series. You should accompany Stickman lớn participate in revenge for the stickman kingdom. The game offers a great experience in the role-playing và action genre. In addition, you can fight with a variety of weapons (swords, bows, & axes).

Download “Stickman Revenge” to lớn unleash the Stickman kingdom và enjoy awesome quái nhân battles!

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