Tin tức và sự kiện cf, sự kiện nhận quà vip cf vĩnh viễn 2017


Does your hair đại bại the curl due khổng lồ the high temperature và humidity in your area?For effortless styling, I want to get a perm because my curls fall flat easily due to lớn the high humidity.But, I’m also worried about the damage to my hair since I also have sầu dyed hair.

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SPIERA™ can penetrate into lớn hair in a weak acidic state & provide sufficient curling power.Also, if you turn colored hair lớn alkaline, it will thua kém its color, but with SPIERA™, you don’t have sầu to worry about that.

SPEIRA™ is the solution to lớn live your life with healthy beautiful dyed and permed hair.If you are interested, please contact us.

by F.S.

Semiconductors such as smartphones và laptops tư vấn our convenient lives with their functions.This time, I would lượt thích khổng lồ introduce the Showa Denko Group’s technology that helps semiconductor manufacturing.

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Using a large amount of harmful gas? And looking lớn remove it?The semiconductor manufacturing process typically goes through the following processes.


The removal device is filled with adsorbents such as activated carbon và molecular sieves, & by passing through these adsorbents, harmful binhkhipho.vnponents such as chlorine ions & fluorine ions are removed. Such equipment is indispensable lớn maintain a safe working environment.

So why vì customers choose Showa Denko’s Molecular Sieves ahy vọng many other manufacturers?This is because:・The binder ratio in the molecular sieve is lowered to maximize the adsorption efficiency.・binhkhipho.vnpetitive sầu priceFor these reasons, our semiconductor industry customers have sầu been patronizing our molecular sieves for many years.

“I need to lớn improve the performance of the treatment device”“I want lớn purchase reasonably price Molecular Sieve”

If you are in the semiconductor industry with such needs, bởi not hesitate to liên hệ Showa Denko when selecting adsorbent materials.Utilizing the experience of the world’s top cốt truyện, we will provide the solution that suits your work site.

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