Gói 4g super viettel là gì? còn đăng ký sử dụng được


Viettel UMAX300 package is deployed by the network starting from May 15, 2018. Package with unlimited high-speed data traffic you can access the Internet, surf facebook without hesitate with high-speed data.

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Meeting the needs of many different customers, Viettel network operator has implemented a 4G package for users lớn easily select and use.

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Since May 15, Viettel officially launched for users an extremely attractive package for those who regularly use data or broadcast wifi. For prepaid or postpaid subscribers, you can register lớn use this data package without this high speed limit. Specifically, this package is called UMAX300, the subscription fee is 300,000 VND / month, you will have data for 30 days of unlimited use.


How khổng lồ register is also very simple, customers can compose messages according lớn UMAX300 syntax khổng lồ send 191 , when you need lớn cancel, write HUY to 191, after successful registration you will be able to lớn use high-speed internet access Unlimited traffic. If you access at 3G speed, the maximum tốc độ is 21.2Mbps / 5.76 Mbps. If your SIM is SIM 4G, 4G-enabled device & you turn on 4G network mode on your device, you can access 4G speed. After registering, if you kiểm tra in the application, Viet Viettel will see the available capacity of 30GB, please feel không tính phí to use it, Viettel confirmed that this package is not limited lớn capacity.

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Terms of application and recovery policy when registering UMAX300 package

For prepaid subscribers : Those who register on any day of the month will deduct 100% of subscription fee. During the 30-day period of cancellation, multiple re-registration will be charged according khổng lồ the actual number of times of registration, the date of use shall be calculated according to lớn the last registration.

For postpaid subscribers:

When you register or switch packages from the 1st to the 20th of the month: charge 100% subscription fee, plus 100% miễn phí traffic.When you register or convert the package from the 21st to the last day of the month: charge 50% of the subscription fee, plus 50% of the không lấy phí flow.

Recovery policy: When you renew the failure due lớn insufficient funds in the original account, the Mimax0 package transfer system waits for recovery. When your main account has enough money, the operator will restore the package và send a notice lớn you.

Hopefully with the above useful information, users will get the best & cheapest packages lớn use.

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