5 Ways Cosmic Armor Superman is Overrated (And 5 Why It's Overlooked) A 4-D version of Superman, Cosmic Armor Superman was designed khổng lồ save the entire multiverse from an ultimate threat. It was divisive sầu to lớn say the least.

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Cosmic Armor Superman Thought Robot
While it was an interesting story, Final Crisis got weird at times. And not always in a good way. It took a lot of unexpected twists and turns along its winding story. That included the brutal death of Martian Manhunter as well as the apparent death of Batman. Naturally, Batman actually survived và eventually returned.

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One of the oddest parts of the Final Crisis was how the war came lớn an kết thúc thanks lớn a being called the Thought Robot, aka Cosmic Armor Superman. A 4-D version of Superman, Cosmic Armor Superman was designed khổng lồ save sầu the entire multiverse from the ultimate threat. It was divisive lớn say the least.

As Final Crisis continued, Mandrakk was revealed as the evil force behind all evil forces in DC. The first son of the Limitless Monitor, he was theorized lớn have been sent to map the multiverse. But prolonged exposure lớn the Bleed corrupted hyên ổn, revealing the true nature of hyên ổn và other Monitors as life-force vampires.

If this seems confusing, it kind of was. There were also multiple forms of the Mandrakk. Dax Novu, before becoming a Mandrakk, created the Thought Robot lớn defeat Mandrakk later on. It was a long nhỏ that seemed lượt thích an odd choice keeping in mind it didn"t finish the job, anyway.

9 OVERLOOKED: Concept Made Real

Cosmic Armor Superman Thought Robot
The idea of the Cosmic Armor Superman was actually quite interesting. He was, for all intents and purposes, a literal plot device designed lớn destroy Mandrakk. The Thought Robot was powered by story, memories, và similar concepts.

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Being a story concept made real is about as cool as it comes. Planetary explored a similar idea when an operation run by The Four brought back a fictional character from a fictional reality. That one ended up killing a lot of people, though, before vanishing.

Cosmic Armor Superman is a straight up McGuffin, sometimes spelled MacGuffin. It"s someone or something that exists in a story purely khổng lồ push the plot forward. The Thought Robot only existed khổng lồ play a part in defeating Mandrakk, making it a huge McGuffin.

But the reality is that the McGuffin concept has been done better in comics for years. Objects lượt thích the Ultimate Nullifier popped up only lớn defeat a singular foe. At least the Nullifier appeared again, playing a somewhat larger role in the Marvel Universe.

7 OVERLOOKED: To Be Continued

Cosmic Armor Superman Thought Robot
Possibly the most interesting part of the Thought Robot was his death. After existing for pretty much all of existence, the Though Robot sacrificed himself lớn fulfill his role in the universe và help defeat Mandrakk.

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As he died, the Thought Robot actually carved the epitaph on his own tombstone. It simply said, "To Be Continued." While the larger implications of such an inscription cannot be denied, it was also just an impressive sầu phối of final words to lớn leave behind.

If there were ever three words lớn describe Cosmic Armor Superman, they would be deus ex machina. This translates khổng lồ "god from the machine," a plot device that only exists khổng lồ make a story work. It was exactly what the Thought Robot was designed to be by the Monitors responsible for his creation.

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But in the larger sense of the overall Final Crisis story, he was an extremely obvious plot device that was only there to lớn complete his task và then vanish, for better or worse. There was a cấp độ of convenience khổng lồ the Thought Robot that was problematic.

5 OVERLOOKED: Ultimate Powerhouse

DC is overflowing with incredibly powerful beings who can destroy existence with a snap of their fingers. And Mandrakk certainly had access khổng lồ that kind of power, which was more than DC"s heroes could handle on their own.

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The sheer power levels exhibited by Cosmic Armor Superman were impressive sầu to lớn say the least. He would have been an incredible force for good had he stayed around for more than one story.

Keeping in mind the Thought Robot"s incredible levels of power, it was a genuine shame that it was only around for that one story. There have sầu been numerous villains and situations he could have been incredibly helpful in since the end of Final Crisis.

It"s hard to look at something so powerful as key lớn the DC Universe on any màn chơi when it"s a convenient plot device created for one story. Hopefully, a greater legacy is built for the Cosmic Armor Superman in the coming years.

3 OVERLOOKED: An Interesting Story

Audiences overlooking the Thought Robot is actually indicative of how many fans felt about Final Crisis in general. Some liked it while others regularly voiced their complaints, even though it phối up some interesting concepts that played out in subsequent stories.

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The Thought Robot was an important part of what was overall a solid narrative sầu. Plus, he was an interesting character that was a literal embodiment of plot and story. That doesn"t happen very often.

Extremely powerful characters can be interesting. Look at Darkseid. The Lord of Apokalips generally overwhelms his opponents, requiring entire armies lớn take hyên ổn on. Superman is one of the few people who have sầu given hyên ổn any trouble in a one on one confrontation.

But the Cosmic Armor Superman might have been a little too powerful for his own good. As nice as it would have sầu been to see the Thought Robot appear in more stories, it"s hard to imagine which villains would have sầu stood a chance. He likely would have crushed Darkseid under his boots.

1 OVERLOOKED: A Greater Purpose

Cosmic Armor Superman existed for one reason and one reason alone. When he fulfilled his stated purpose, he was gone from the universe. While that might have made hyên ổn a textbook example of a deus ex machina, that doesn"t make hlặng any less important khổng lồ the story.

Without the Thought Robot in place, Final Crisis would have played out a lot differently. Even if he never appears again, he served his purpose in the overall narrative sầu of DC và kept the universe moving forward.

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