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Poly Bridge 2 is a sequel lớn a quality bridge-building puzzle game that has been played by a lot of celebrities and streamers recently. You can tải về the APK và OBB files of this game for miễn phí via the links below the article.

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Overview information

Introduce about Poly Bridge 2

If you are a tín đồ of Faker, you may know that he often plays a very interesting bridge-building game when searching for matches or after picking champions. Faker also showed his great gaming mindset. Do you wonder what game Faker plays? It’s Poly Bridge, the puzzle game released by Dry Cactus. This game is very popular on Windows và iOS recently.

In this article, we will experience part 2 of the aforementioned puzzle game, the game called Poly Bridge 2.


In fact, building bridges requires engineers a lot of knowledge and experience. It is extremely difficult, needs precision in design and construction because it directly affects thousands of people khổng lồ move sầu through it every day. In Poly Bridge 2, you will somewhat feel that difficulty through quality bridge-building puzzles. Even if it’s just a simple 2 chiều bridge, you will feel tired & headache every time it collapses, even though you have designed it in detail and meticulously.


Your task in the game is to use available materials lớn build a bridge, helping vehicles move to lớn the other side of a river safely. You are only allowed khổng lồ build bridges within the limits of the budgets shown above sầu the screen. Each material costs a lot of money, so you need to calculate to build with the lowest budget possible.

This game does not limit the player’s creativity

Freedom in creativity is one factor that helps Poly Bridge 2 attract hundreds of millions of players worldwide. There are thousands of design ways to help you complete the game’s puzzle. The game is also not too rigid in scoring, as long as you help the vehicle lớn the other side of the river, you have sầu completed the puzzle & can advance khổng lồ the next one.

Some of the puzzles were initially quite easy khổng lồ overcome, with just a simple bridge và a few light vehicles. However, when you are faced with some difficult puzzles, things are no longer that easy. There are more requirements for your bridge, & you also need khổng lồ make sure the bridge is sturdy enough for a truông chồng to lớn travel across the river.

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Don’t hesitate to lớn try more different ways. The game does not limit the number of times you make a mistake. If you fail, try another design. You also need lớn pay attention khổng lồ the types of materials lớn build the bridge. Depending on the vehicles passing through it, you can choose materials that are stiff enough to keep it from collapsing.

Sandbox mode

Have you passed all the puzzles of Poly Bridge 2? Try out Sandbox mode, which allows you to create your own environments & puzzles. If you create a unique và fun puzzle, don’t hesitate lớn nói qua it with your friends.


In terms of graphics và images, Poly Bridge 2 only owns simple 2D graphics. In my opinion, it is just average. It helps low-profile Android devices play smoothly, while also highlighting the gameplay simplithành phố of Poly Bridge 2.


About music

The music for both parts was composed by Canadian composer Adrian Talens. This shows that Dry Cactus is very interested in every little detail of the game, in order khổng lồ provide the best experience for the player.

Download Poly Bridge 2 APK không lấy phí for Android

Initially, I only planned to play Poly Bridge 2 to kill time. However, the game actually made me spkết thúc more time on it. The feeling of the collapsing bridges is really not pleasant at all. If you are stuông xã in a difficult puzzle for too long, you can refer to lớn the answers of some other players on Youtube.

Poly Bridge 2 is the most prominent building puzzle game you can find on Google Play in 2020. It costs $ 0.99, however you can tải về APK và OBB files for không tính tiền via the liên kết below.

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