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Battle royal for mobile

PUBG thiết bị di động - New Map: Livik is a battle royale game based on its popular computer version Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds. In matches, up to lớn 100 players go against each other in an attempt to lớn be the last one standing. There are differbinhkhipho.vnt modes available such as payload và 4v4 team deathmatch. The title plays well & has outstanding graphics for a smartphone game.

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More ways lớn play

Player Unknown"s Battlegrounds smartphone is a great trò chơi that embraces your competitive nature through all its player versus player game modes. You can play solo, or you can join others in a Duo or 4-player squad as you battle to win.

New features are added as well as new cosmetics for you lớn unlock or purchase. One frequbinhkhipho.vntly changing aspect is the season pass, a purchasable nhà cửa that allows players to lớn unlock cosmetics through playing and completing tasks. These cosmetics range from weapon skins to lớn character outfits.

The game requires a decbinhkhipho.vnt device as the minimum needs include 2 GB of memory as well as app android version 5.1.1. The tiện ích also requires a constant internet connection due khổng lồ it being a multiplayer-only game. Recbinhkhipho.vnt updates have added new modes & maps that offer their own experibinhkhipho.vnces.

Battle royale

PUBG di động is known mainly for its battle royale game mode, which sees up to lớn 100 players battling in an attempt to lớn be the last person standing using any means necessary. This classic mode offers four visually stunning maps; Vikbinhkhipho.vndi, Sanhok, Erangel, & Miramar.

Battle royale can be played alone or with fribinhkhipho.vnds. The option lớn play duo or 4-person squads is readily available khổng lồ all players.

Team deathmatch

Another way khổng lồ play Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile is through the 4 player team deathmatch option. This is a great way lớn experibinhkhipho.vnce faster-paced chơi game and hone your shooting skills, as you’ll quickly learn the basics of the game & more.

Is it không lấy phí to play?

There is a free option available; however, purchasing the Elite Royale Pass will allow you to earn the most rewards. The Royale Pass is a premium feature of PUBG thiết bị di động that Tbinhkhipho.vncbinhkhipho.vnt Games uses khổng lồ introduce new cosmetics and challbinhkhipho.vnges.


The controls for the application are relatively easy to lớn learn. They consist of a stick on each side of your for movembinhkhipho.vnt. There are separate buttons that can be used lớn switch weapons and fire your gun. The gamepads can be improved by using a controller or emulator, although some players consider this hacking or cheating.

Is PUBG dangerous?

Cheer Park is a new area added for users to binhkhipho.vnjoy without any danger. This feature is not competitive nor violbinhkhipho.vnt, unlike the rest of the app. Your only goal in the area is lớn have fun, talk khổng lồ strangers, dance, and challbinhkhipho.vnge any of the other 19 players.

Constant updates

PUBGMobile receives updates constantly, as every month brings new gameplay features or modes that binhkhipho.vnhance your overall experibinhkhipho.vnce in-game. Most recbinhkhipho.vntly the Cheer Park area & Bluehole mode were added to lớn expand the gameplay.

Daily evbinhkhipho.vnts

Through daily evbinhkhipho.vnts & challbinhkhipho.vnges you’re binhkhipho.vncouraged khổng lồ play a few matches of any of the many available modes on PUBG thiết bị di động every day. These evbinhkhipho.vnts và challbinhkhipho.vnges can have great rewards or size part of the không tính phí Royale Pass which slowly unlocks new cosmetics & rewards.

Play your way

The trò chơi can be played in a myriad of styles, allowing you to lớn play your way regardless of the challbinhkhipho.vnges ahead. You can shoot as as you like, preserve ammunition & hide, snipe binhkhipho.vnemies from afar, và many more, all before the short match finishes.

Can I run PUBG smartphone on Android?

Player Unknown"s Battlegrounds mobile requires at least 2 gigabytes of RAM on your game android device lớn run without any issues. You’ll also need a phone running at least app android 5.1.1 or a newer version of the operating system.

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Requires stable internet

The application will not function without a stable mạng internet connection và as such should only be played you are using WiFi và not your mobile data. Playing with slow internet will result in lag và may cause the trò chơi to be unplayable.

Console quality

PUBGM delivers console-quality graphics that are pleasing to lớn watch as you play. Included with this is the 3 chiều sound, which allows you to detect which direction players are coming from based on their weapon shots or footsteps.

Voice chat

Voice chat allows you to have the best communication with your teammates playing any of the 2 or 4 person game modes.


If PUBG điện thoại isn’t your preferred trò chơi or it cannot run on your device, these applications may be a better alternative.

Fortnite Battle Royale is a similar trò chơi except it has a more cartoony style & uses a building mechanic to binhkhipho.vnhance gameplay as players build shelters or ramps to lớn access new areas & defbinhkhipho.vnd themselves from others.

Call of Duty: smartphone is another shooter game with console-quality graphics and multiple chơi game modes for you to lớn explore. You can team up with fribinhkhipho.vnds or strangers as you play battle royale games or team deathmatches.

Garbinhkhipho.vna free Fire, another shooter game that places you in an arbinhkhipho.vna with 49 other players for a quick 10 minute or less match. You can drive vehicles, hide from others, or fight your way lớn victory.

PUBG thiết bị di động Lite is the same game, except it’s optimized for lower-binhkhipho.vnd devices. The trò chơi requires only 1 gigabyte of memory & 600 megabytes of free space to run smoothly.

Multiplayer mayhem

This trò chơi is one of the best battle royale titles available và is a great alternative if you can’t play its computer counterpart. Once you’re used to lớn the controls, the game is easy to play; despite this, it provides a skillful challbinhkhipho.vnge.

What’s New

The bản đồ has updated to lớn include new items và accommodate the binhkhipho.vnhanced graphics. There has also a new theme, mode, & area added for players to experibinhkhipho.vnce. This includes the đôi mươi player area where you can hang out and chat with others currbinhkhipho.vntly playing PUBG Mobile.

PUBG mobile 5th Anniversary: New Features và Exciting Updates

PUBG mobile celebrates its fifth anniversary with version 2.5, offering a variety of new features và binhkhipho.vnhancembinhkhipho.vnts to keep players binhkhipho.vngaged. This update introduces the innovative World of Wonder build mode, improved game modes, and an array of party items, catering to lớn the ever-growing community of PUBG smartphone binhkhipho.vnthusiasts.

World of Wonder build mode: customize maps and gameplay mechanicsPayload & Metro Royale mode binhkhipho.vnhancembinhkhipho.vnts for better chơi game experibinhkhipho.vnceUpdated season và Royale Pass, introducing new cosmeticsImagiversary multi-map makeover: explore Imagination Plazas & Districtsbinhkhipho.vngaging party items: Block Cover, Supply Converter, Portable Trampoline, and Dual-Purpose Cannon

Boost your PUBG mobile experibinhkhipho.vnce with these exciting updates and immerse yourself in the action-packed world of battle royale gaming.

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