Tamika Rawson


TikToker Tamika Rawson recently shared her đoạn clip where her Botox treatment seemed khổng lồ have gone totally wrong.

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But however, it was her fans’ reaction to the video that left all laughing. Tamika who happens to lớn be a social truyền thông media influencer was sad at the failed Botox treatment and she poured her heart out on sharing her trouble.

Read ahead to know more about TikToker Tamika Rawson và her failed Botox treatment.

Who is Tamika Rawson?

Tamika Rawson is an Australian TikToker who is a social media influencer. She is actively popular on social truyền thông and keeps sharing her makeup, fashion, & other content on TikTok và other platforms as well.

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Her TikTok videos certainly make her more popular.

However, what recently grabbed the attention of all was Tamika’s new look post her Botox beauty treatment and that has gone totally wrong making her look so weird. She shared her new look with her fans & made them too react differently this time.

Botox treatment on TikToker Tamika Rawson went wrong

It was recently when Rawson posted a đoạn phim of herself where she showed her face post the Botox treatment that has failed completely. In her TikTok đoạn phim where she shared her new look her face visibly had two bulged parts on either cheeks and it made her look so weird.

tamikarawson_ Don’t worry guys Botox only lasts 3 months phew
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