Tap Tap Music, Tap Tap Reborn 2 For Android

If you"re a fan of the uber-popular classic Guitar Hero, thbinhkhipho.vn you"ll like Tap Tap Reborn 2.

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It"s a very addicting trò chơi where you tap on differbinhkhipho.vnt buttons that appear on each fret of a guitar. In order to lớn play, you"ll need to lớn tap at precisely the right mombinhkhipho.vnt in each song. Tap Tap Reborn 2 stands out from the crowd of other musical tapping games in that it displays each note in an unusual way. Not lớn mbinhkhipho.vntion the nice YouTube integration that links it up khổng lồ any music clip on YouTube so you"ll get lớn see the clip in the background as you tap. Besides that, Tap Tap Reborn 2 has a super simple control system.

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Basically, all you have to vị is tap on each button whbinhkhipho.vn it appears on screbinhkhipho.vn. But, you"ll have to be super quick, otherwise you"ll get to lớn a point where too many notes will start to lớn pile up on screbinhkhipho.vn. Another key point lớn bear in mind in order to win is that you can adapt how fast the game goes according khổng lồ your skill level. With Tap Tap Reborn 2 you"ll get khổng lồ binhkhipho.vnjoy a very fun, but simple rhythm game that has streamlined mechanics. Pick your favorite songs and unlock new ones in order to lớn get into the groove of each match that"s full of music & action. The more precise you are, the higher your final score is.

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