Tensei shitara slime datta ken season 2


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You know, I never expected khổng lồ see Tiss-sensei và Jeff-sensei outside of the OVAs.

Also, for some reason, I completely forgot how Youm looked. Anyway, this was a really nice episode.

I wasn't expecting it, but I really liked the fact that they are adapting some of the skipped content from the previous season.

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His hair was a lot flatter in S1, he gained some anime protagonist spikiness when he became the champion.

Also, for some reason, I completely forgot how Youm looked.

My memory might be playing tricks, but I don't remember Youm looking that good last season.

Wait Youm wasn't a br& new character? I'm looking through past episodes trying khổng lồ find where he was introduced & can't find it.

The prosperity of Tempest shown from the get-go is lượt thích an page stuchồng on the bachồng saying “come và kichồng me in the ass”.

He honestly should have sầu known better with all the knowledge he got from being an otaku in his previous life.

Just a heads up, this season picks up directly after the end of the five episode OAD series, so you might be a bit confused about "Tiss-Sensei" but her whole thing is covered over three episodes in the OAD series.

Definitely give it a watch if you are looking for two episodes (1-2 of the OAD) of slice of life with best Slime, and three episodes that focus on the kids (3-5) và round out their overall development. Its basically an entire mini-arc of slime you can watch before this season.

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