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Thakral One is a consulting & technology services company headquartered in Singapore, with a pan-Asian presence. We focus primarily around technology-driven consulting, adoption of value-added bespoke solutions, enabling enhanced decision support through data analytics, and embracing possibilities in the cloud.

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We are heavily inclined towards building capabilities collaboratively with clients và believe strongly in improving grounded và practical outcomes. This approach is possible through our partnership with leading global công nghệ providers & internal R&D teams. Our clients come from Financial Services, Banking, Telco, Government, Healthcare, và Consumer-oriented organisations.


ABBANK Teams with Thakral One lớn Implement a Credit Scoring Engine using SAS Intelligent Decisioning Powered by intel Read More




We believe in partnering with clients lớn co-create practical solutions that are grounded in the realities of today’s complex world.

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We embody the principles of our founding family while encouraging creative problem-solving, innovation, và entrepreneurship.

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