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The Forest Online is excited khổng lồ announce that the 2019-2020 Forest Online team has published their digital stories documenting their 3-week expedition khổng lồ Peru’s Las Piedras River. You can view these stories on YouTube below.

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A huge thank you lớn all our partners who made this experience & these stories possible, including ARCAmazon, Boca Pariamanu community, and Camino Verde.

To learn more about the Forest Online, visit the “About the Program” page or kiểm tra out this great article from McDaniel College about the 2019-20đôi mươi course.

The Forest Online Presents “Amazon Stories” in Decker Auditorium on Thursday, March 26th at7pm.
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McDaniel’s Forest Online student research teams will be presenting their findings from their 3-week Jan Term expedition lớn the Peruvian Amazon along the Las Piedras River.

Join us starting at 7 pm khổng lồ experience the Amazon & the culture within it through our stories about forest protection, wildlife, indigenous communities, và ecotourism. The snachồng mixer starts at 6:30 pm. The location for the presentation is McDaniel College’s Decker Auditorium in Westminster, Maryland.

To learn more about the Forest Online course and our partners in Peru, check out the student blogs and partner page on this site. To learn more about the Las Piedras, check out this Wikipedia page.

Your Exotic Dream Trip to lớn the Amazon Could be Beneficial or Detrimental khổng lồ the Region. A McDaniel Retìm kiếm Team Will ResearchWhy.
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A map of the Amazon River Estuary

For our Forest Online course project, we want khổng lồ inform others of the benefits và determents that ecotourism has on the Las Piedras river area. This retìm kiếm trip is done through the environmental department at McDaniel College in Westminster Marylvà. This group of four retìm kiếm students are a part of a group of sixteen students going to the Peruvian Rainforest. This group has been tasked with researching Ecotourism in the area. Ecotourism according khổng lồ the Oxford English Dictionary is, “tourism directed toward exotic, often threatened, natural environments, intended lớn tư vấn conservation efforts và observe sầu wildlife.”. This tourism helps lớn bring money khổng lồ places desperately in need of funding. Through our research, we hope to educate the public about the benefits and determents of ecotourism in, especially vulnerable places. This retìm kiếm team will be visiting the Peruvian Amazon as seen on the map above.

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Time khổng lồ meet our retìm kiếm members:

Research Team. From the Left Chandra, Megan, Tim, Emma.

Hi, my name is Megan Gorsuch, and I am a junior studying Kinesiology & Spanish at McDaniel College. I am a thành viên of the swyên ổn team & Global Fellows at school. In my không tính phí time I enjoy baking desserts và watching Netflix. The Amazon rainforest has always fascinated me because of its high biodiversity và diverse cultural groups. I decided to lớn take this trip lớn learn more about the forest and immerse myself in a new and different cultural experience. Through visiting, I hope lớn learn about ecotourism và come baông chồng lớn the United States and educate others about the Amazon and ecotourism within it. I think this trip is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, & I am so excited to be a part of it!

Hi, my name is Emma Findeisen I am a junior here at McDaniel College. I am currently studying to be a dual major in both History và Environmental Studies with a concentration in Policy & Management. I am also the president of the environmental club here on campus called Green Life. In my không tính phí time, I work on a sheep farm not far from campus. I also really enjoy soccer, murder mysteries & traveling. I am really looking forward to this trip to lớn the Peruvian Amazon, I learn about the Amazon all the time & class and I am so excited to lớn actually visit there and hopefully be able to lớn make a difference. Through the trip I hope I am able to gather valuable information as khổng lồ how everyday people in America và other places can help save the world through their everyday actions. Sometimes it is really hard to lớn save a place so far away from where you live, và one can only dream about visiting. My goal in this trip và through the next couple blog posts is to lớn better educate those who want to lớn help by supporting ecotourism in the Amazon or other threatened natural areas around the world.

Hello, I am Timothy Olson & I am a sophomore here at McDaniel college majoring in Environmental Studies with a specialization in biology. Growing up I was always fascinated with the wide expanse of animals one could find in their own backyard. From the small metallic bee that would lvà on wild thistles in the garden, khổng lồ the larger snapping turtles I would see lugging around in pond at my local pond. These animals are extremely fascinating, & I have sầu been teaching about them through Parks and Recreation for seven years now. Working at Fountain Roông xã Nature Center as a reptile handler, camp counselor, and nature presenter.

As an aspiring wildlife educator, I am going into lớn environmental studies to lớn better understand how the animals I observe sầu impact our planet. What bugs pollinate what plant, what does a certain predatory mammal hunt for food. These small details influence the overall ecosystem, & how can I teach about these impacts.

How does my background influence the trip khổng lồ Peru? I have constantly urged people lớn find the wonders in their own backyard because it is harder for people to see more exotic animals; however, I vày not want to lớn disregard these animals. For those who can go to lớn exotic areas how can they travel và explore these wonderous places without damaging the world they are visiting. No matter where someone goes, they should try khổng lồ leave the smallest ecological footprint. Especially in places such as the Amazon as it is getting smaller & smaller largely due lớn the current affairs relating to lớn ecotourism.

Hi, I’m Chandra! I was born in India in 1998… lol just kidding I won’t start that far bachồng but, I am a junior at McDaniel College, which is a small liberal arts college located in central Maryland. Having grown up in central Marylvà as well, I always look forward lớn any possible chance to take a step out of the familiar but comfortable community I’ve lived in for my whole life. I just semi recently changed my major lớn Cinema, from my former major biology. This is because I realized I love capturing the beauty of nature rather than learning about it. I also am minoring in environmental science because I vì chưng have sầu a deep love sầu for the environment, but I don’t want to lớn be a scientist. I am hoping to eventually become a content producer for an advertising agency for a non-profit agency that helps protect the environment. I think this trip to lớn the Amazon will quite literally a kiểm tra run of what I want to lớn vì in my life.

" data-medium-file="" data-large-file="" class="alignnone size-full wp-image-2210" src="" alt="Picture9" srcset=" 443w, 150w, 300w" sizes="(max-width: 443px) 100vw, 443px" />An image of the Las Piedras Research Center in Peru.Background of the Trip:

This trip to lớn the Amazon is a 20-day excursion from Jan 2nd khổng lồ 22nd. On this trip we will be using our digital storytelling techniques that we will have sầu developed by then khổng lồ help illustrate a compelling persuasive narrative sầu that conserves the Amazon or educates the public. Prior khổng lồ the trip a group of selected students from McDaniel College will take an hour & a half class khổng lồ prep for this trip to the Amazon that covers how travel to lớn the amazon and persuasive sầu storytelling techniques. The students will be broken up upon interest inlớn subgroups in which they will be allotted a camera, GoPro và two tripods in order to collect nội dung in the Amazon regarding there group topic. Come time of the trip we will have a very rigorous schedule upon departure. The research station we will be staying at on the Las Piedras River is pictured on the right courtesy of LPAC research center trang web.

A picture of Puerlớn Maldonabởi, Peru

In the Spring Semester following that January, the same group of students will work together to lớn cut & edit their final hàng hóa together to create a persuasive và alluring narrative as their final project for a public audience at McDaniel College.

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