The Best Harem Anime Of All Time


Popular for their numerous love interests, harem animes have gained strong popularity. These are the best harem animes ever made.

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Protagonists with several romance potentials và vague lãng mạn labels with them have always been a popular trope in television. Anime, however, ups the ante with its own harem genre. This sitcom formula has withstood the kiểm tra of time in anime và viewers can now consume a plethora of harem anime titles in case they want to lớn see some hyperbolic gender dynamics and exaggerated attraction.

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In any case, it might not be a good idea to just bởi an eeny-meeny-miny-moe in Netflix's or other anime streaming site's harem section. Some of the titles in this anime theme or genre can rather be too "daring" or worse, a crass representation of harem. As such, if one wants to lớn start with harem, the most popular titles such as these are advised.

Updated February 28th, 2022, by Sid Natividad: Harem anime has always been popular which is why there's usually a new title coming out every year in the said genre. Hence, it can get hard picking the best harem anime, especially for fans who have limited viewing time. That's why five more best harem anime contenders have been added here.

They are some of the top harem anime in existence not just because of their restraint from too much ecchi but also because of their sensible treatment of their characters. So don't miss these good harem anime as even beginners in the genre will find plenty to like here.

15 My Dress-up Darling


Release date: January 9, 2022 Other themes/genres: School, slice-of-life, romance It's not done yet at the time of writing but My Dress-up Darling has easily catapulted itself to lớn the vị trí cao nhất of the charts despite technically being a harem anime. It's a slice of life school romance where a cosplayer girl meets a doll maker boy và their friendship blossoms into magnificent hobbies và something more.

At the same time, their love for their hobbies has attracted other cosplayers who then want in on the cosplaying scene. It's amazing how the anime manages lớn balance out the wholesome & the ecchi situations and it's mostly thanks to lớn its genuinely conservative male MC.

14 Motto to LOVE Ru


Release date: October 6, 2010 Other themes/genres: School, sci-fi, romance, comedy Motto to LOVE Ru is a harem classic where a typical boy MC named Yuuki Rito actually has an ideal partner who's also his childhood friend. Things get complicated, however, when an alien girl from another planet lands on Earth & sets her eyes on Yuuki.

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To make matters worse, the said alien girl's sisters also want a piece of Yuuki và have uprooted themselves and now live in his house. Oh, and there's also a weapon girl who wants to kill Yuuki but also serves as a potential thắm thiết tangent for him. But hey, Yuuki still loves his childhood friend no matter what. Sort of. Maybe.

13 The Familiar of Zero


Release date: July 3, 2006 Other themes/genres: Action, adventure, comedy, fantasy, romance The Familiar of Zero initially appears to lớn be a cliched harem ecchi anime but it sets itself apart rather early. The MC here, named Saito, is actually a slave since he's a familiar accidentally summoned by an inept budding sorceress. Turns out he is a powerful familiar but his circumstances have forced him to lớn be weakened.

Hence, Saito has khổng lồ come to lớn terms with his new life while struggling khổng lồ stay loyal to lớn his master as other magicians & sorceresses turn his life upside down in a way that only a harem anime can. In any case, it's harem with magic involved. That premise alone should make it interesting.

12 Date A Live


Release date: April 6, 2013 Other themes/genres: Comedy, romance, sci-fi, mecha Speaking of a harem with a unique setting, how about a post-apocalyptic one? Date A Live explores that opportunity. It begins several decades after a massive devastating earthquake killed 150 million people on Earth. These quakes have subsequently been happening on a smaller scale và are seemingly caused by pretty girls called Spirits.

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Luckily for the MC, Shidou Itsuka, his little sister is working on a plan to lớn prevent these further disasters by rehabilitating the Spirits. & what better way lớn tame them than to make them fall in love with a boy? That's Shidou's job from there henceforth; saving the world by flirting like the mythical Chad.

11 Monogatari Series

Release date: July 3, 2009 (Bakemonogatari) Other themes/genres: Supernatural, comedy, romance Buckle up your seatbelts as this is a long & wild ride. The Monogatari series, starting with Bakemonogatari, is a lengthy established franchise revolving around the ridiculous và outlandish harem and mystery scenarios. This all started after the male MC survived a vampire attack.

He managed to retain some of the vampiric powers and has since made it a duty to lớn help other people suffering from supernatural conditions. It just so happens that most of these are pretty girls. The whole story consists of several series, movies, & OVAs so there's plenty of Monogatari to go around.

10 The Quintessential Quintuplets

Release date: January 11, 2019 Other themes/genres: School, comedy, romance like most harem anime protagonists, Fuutarou Uesugi is a reclusive and socially inept young male. That's almost mandatory for the genre now. He & his father are also facing financial difficulties. Uesugi, however, is a little more mature than other harem protagonists and decided to help out his father by entering a tutoring gig for a rich family.

Uesugi was initially baffled at why the wage is five times higher than the going rate. Little did he know, he was about lớn tutor quintuplets or a set of five children born in one birth. Oh, & all of them are đáng yêu girls with varying attitudes except they share the same pink hair, making the premise ready odd since they all seem lượt thích different shades of the same person.

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9 The Fruit of Grisaia

Release date: October 5, năm trước Other themes/genres: Drama, romance, psychological, school The Fruit of Grisaia might seem lượt thích an ordinary harem anime with the typical cast of dynamic girls và a quiet boy, but it adds more stakes by featuring some deep-seated psychological issues. It begins when transfer student Yuuji Kazami enters a new school. Initially, he was excited to lớn begin a new life but was soon disappointed on his first day.

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He quickly finds out that the school is devoid of its student population save for him, the principal, và five other girls. The outlandish scenario did have a mystery and quirk that Yuuji eventually unearths by socializing with the girls & finding out their hidden trauma.

8 The World God Only Knows

Release date: October 7, 2010 Other themes/genres: Comedy, romance, supernatural The World God Only Knows puts a wacky twist in an otherwise standard harem anime: the protagonist, Keima Katsuragi, is also to lớn act as an exorcist or spirit hunter. It all began when a deceptively cute demon girl tricks him into the job. For some reason, the most effective way for Keima to lớn capture spirits is khổng lồ also capture the hearts of girls—because convenience!

That would have been easy except Keima prefers dating sims và 2D girls to real ones. In fact, he's a self-proclaimed God of Conquest where he can conquer any girls' heart— in a dating simulator, albeit. Thus, his simulation skills are put lớn the test where he must woo khổng lồ win back his freedom.

7 Tenchi Muyo! War on Geminar

Release date: May 22, 2009 Other themes/genres: Fantasy, comedy, mecha, isekai, ecchi Speaking of harem anime with an impressive choice of a premise, Tenchi Muyo! War on Geminar takes the cake. It's also somewhat of an isekai anime on đứng top of the mecha & fantasy additions. In any case, protagonist Kenshi Masaki got spirited away into a bizarre land where he is tasked with assassinating a crown empress by piloting a mecha.

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Only, he failed to bởi this but his gender— which has been unheard of for a mecha pilot in the land of Geminar, saves him. The empress refused to lớn execute her killer and kept Kenshi around lớn train him as a bonafide mecha pilot among the other female mecha pilots in the empress' army.

6 Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend

Release date: January 16, 2015 Other themes/genres: Comedy, romance, ecchi, school Weird title choice aside, one might find delight in Saekano's endearing (albeit predictable) plot. Otaku Tomoya Aki one day decided to fulfill his dreams of creating his own visual novel. So, he recruited a bunch of old friends và acquaintances (all of whom happen to lớn be female) khổng lồ help him with the project.

Sure enough, the visual novel he was concocting was romantic in theme. More than that, the visual novel trò chơi they're making is more of a dating simulator. Hence, they all inadvertently pour their hearts và souls into the visual novel in the most genuine và "method" way possible.

5 Hayate the Combat Butler!!

Release date: April 1, 2007 Other themes/genres: Action, comedy, romance One of the solid classics of the harem genre, Hayate the Combat Butler!! owes its success khổng lồ a set of genres & the fact that it's a light-hearted approach lớn a rather disheartening plot. That's because Hayate Ayasaki was abandoned by his parents after they accumulated a crippling amount of debt. He is then sold to lớn the Yakuza & plotted his escape by trying to lớn kidnap a rich girl khổng lồ pay off his parent's debts.

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Luckily (or unluckily) for Hayate, the wealthy girl he kidnapped believed that her kidnapper was professing his love lớn her. So she forgave him & even gave him a job as his butler. Joining the chaos is the female entourage of the wealthy girl who keeps inadvertently falling for him.

4 Nisekoi: False Love

Release date: January 11, năm trước Other themes/genres: Comedy, romance, school While on the topic of anime involving Yakuza, Niseoki: False Love makes the notorious gang instrumental in its romance tangle. At the center of that turmoil is Raku Ichijou, heir of the said Yakuza group. Raku was forced to lớn be a rival gang's representative's boyfriend in order khổng lồ maintain an uneasy peace.

Problem is, Raku hates her and the feeling is mutual. Also, Raku somewhat promised himself khổng lồ a missing childhood friend who conveniently re-appears while he's still in a pickle with a rival gang girl.

3 Yamada-kun và the Seven Witches

Release date: April 12, năm ngoái Other themes/genres: Comedy, romance, supernatural, school Here's a quality one: harem but the two main characters can swap bodies. Such is the case with Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches. It starts with a transferee student named Ryuu Yamada who accidentally kissed a beautiful honor student.

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To their surprise, both learned that they can switch bodies after the kiss. Their newly learned nguồn brings them into the circle of the Supernatural Studies Club where they made it their goal to lớn find out who else among certain individuals tóm tắt the same ability.

2 Rosario + Vampire

Release date: January 3, 2008 Other themes/genres: Comedy, romance, fantasy, school Looking for another disorderly twist in a harem anime? Why not boss girls? Rosario + Vampire explores that notion. Protagonist Tsukune Aono enrolls in Youkai Academy thanks to his stingy parents but he soon discovers that it's actually a school for supernatural monsters such as succubi, werewolves, and vampires.

Thankfully, he falls in the company of Akashiya Moka và other boss girls who view him as a precious friend since he's the only human in the academy. It's not all ecchi situations & opportune moments for Tsukune though as he also helps the girls address the school's most glaring issues.

1 Rent-a-Girlfriend

Release date: July 11, 2020 Other themes/genres: Comedy, romance, school One of the latest titles in this list, Rent-a-Girlfriend is likely unforgettable already in many people's memories as it features one of the most catchy opening songs in contemporary anime. This time around, the protagonist is a college student named Kazuya Kinoshita. His girlfriend suddenly became his ex-girlfriend at the start of the anime so he sought comfort & rebound in the arms of a rental girlfriend in an app.

The two quickly found themselves to be incompatible but it was a little late for that as the both of them had to giả their relationship status lớn appease Kazuya's ill grandmother. Along the way, more colorful and quirky girls appear khổng lồ challenge Kazuya's fake relationship.

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