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Chương trình Podcast số 9 lúc này sẽ đem lại cho bọn họ câu chuyện về “Hoa Mộc Lan – Mulan’s Story”. Mẩu chuyện về bạn nữ Mộc Lan yêu cầu thay cha tòng quân đi tấn công giặc.

Bên dưới là nội dung câu chuyện bằng giờ Anh để các em có thể vừa nghe và nhìn vào phần chữ để vậy hết văn bản của câu chuyện.

Nào, em hãy bấm nút “PLAY” và bước đầu theo dõi câu truyện cuốn hút này nhé.



Mulan’s Story

Thousands of years ago in ancient China, there lived a beautiful young woman named Mulan. She lived with her parents và a dog named Little Brother.

Mulan’s father had once been a great warrior, but his leg had been injured in battle. As an only child, Mulan felt responsible for upholding the family honor.

One day, a man arrived with terrible news from the Emperor. The Huns, China’s enemy, had invaded.

The Emperor had ordered that one man from every family must join the Imperial Army. Mulan’s aging father had to lớn fight…again.

Mulan knew her father was too old to fight. Late that night, she made a big decision.

After saying a prayer to the Ancestors, she used a sword khổng lồ cut her hair short. Then she put on her father’s warrior clothes.

As her parents slept, Mulan, now dressed as a young man, jumped onto her father’s horse, Khan.

Then she raced off to join the Imperial Army in her father’s place. Somehow, she would find a way khổng lồ bring honor to her family.

When Mulan arrived at the Imperial Army’s training camp, she met Captain Li Shang. “What is your name?” he asked Mulan.

“My name? It’s, uh…Ping!” Mulan said. Lớn her amazement, Shang & the other soldiers believed she was a man!

Shang worked hard khổng lồ teach his soldiers strength & discipline. Mulan struggled khổng lồ keep up. Frustrated, Shang told her khổng lồ go home.

But lớn earn the soldiers’ respect, Mulan retrieved an arrow atop a tall pole. This was the hardest training task of all, và Mulan had done it!

Mulan was not alone on her journey. A dragon named Mushu, sent from the Ancestors khổng lồ be her guardian, and a cricket named Cri-Kee were always at her side.

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Working together, they wrote a nhái letter ordering Shang & his soldiers to lớn go after the Huns. Now Mulan would get her chance to bring honor to lớn her family.

Heeding the letter’s message, Shang led his soldiers into the mountains. Suddenly, they were surrounded by thousands of Huns. Mulan got an idea.

She grabbed the very last cannon and, using Mushu’s flame, lit the fuse. The cannon caused a massive avalanche of snow lớn fall on the Huns.

But the danger wasn’t over. Snow was now racing toward Mulan & her friends.

Mulan’s loyal horse, Khan, ran khổng lồ her side. She jumped onto his back, and just as the snow was about to bury Shang, Mulan pulled him to lớn safety.

During the battle, Mulan had been injured. While caring for her wound, a medic realized that “Ping” was a woman. Shang had no choice but khổng lồ leave Mulan behind.

As she sat with Khan, Mushu, and Cri-Kee, Mulan felt she had failed her family & herself. Then she heard the Huns’ voices.

Mulan raced to lớn the Imperial đô thị to warn Shang. “The Huns are alive!” she told him. “They’re in the city.”

But Shang felt betrayed by Mulan and did not trust her. Mulan tried warning the others, but no one would believe her.

The Hun leader, Shan-Yu, kidnapped the Emperor, but Mulan & Shang rescued him. Furious, Shan-Yu chased Mulan onto the palace roof – exactly as she planned.

Mulan grabbed Shan-Yu’s sword & pinned his coat khổng lồ the roof. He couldn’t move when Mushu and Cri-Kee shot a rocket his way.

The force of the explosion sent Mushu và Cri-Kee flying through the air. Mulan và Shang fell together lớn the ground as fireworks began to fill the sky.

The people were celebrating. The Huns had been banished, and the Imperial thành phố was safe!

The Emperor was very grateful to Mulan. “You have saved us all,” he said, and then he did something extraordinary: The Emperor bowed lớn Mulan.

Everyone in the plaza bowed to lớn Mulan, too. The Emperor asked her lớn stay on as his adviser, but Mulan knew it was time to lớn return to lớn her family.

At home, Mulan presented her father with a sword given lớn her by the Emperor.

“The greatest gift & honor is having you for a daughter,” her father said. “I’ve missed you so.”

“Excuse me,” said a voice behind them. “Does Mulan live here?” Shang had brought Mulan her helmet…and she invited him to stay for dinner.

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