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You will download the Twisted Metal game without any trouble from this site. This Fighting, Shooter, Racing category video game has been designed specifically for a mature audience. This computer game has quickly gained top đánh giá after its launch on Nov 05, 1995 date.

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Twisted Metal Overview

Game:Genre:Developer:Publisher:Released on:Platforms:Age Ratings:Score:Franchise:Player’s Perspectives:trò chơi Modes:Themes:
Twisted Metal
Fighting, Shooter, Racing
Sony Computer Entertainment
Inc. (SCEI), SingleTrac Entertainment Technologies, Sony Interactive Studtiện ích ios America
Nov 05, 1995
PC (Microsoft Windows), PlayStation, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable
Teen (PEGI 12)
7.1 out of 10
Twisted Metal
Third person
Single player, Multiplayer
Action, Thriller, Survival

About Twisted Metal

You should play the Twisted Metal PC game if you don’t lượt thích other action games. Try the single-player mode if you don’t lượt thích to rely on others. Both teenagers và adults love to play this Fighting, Shooter, Racing genre PC game.

Twisted Metal consists of a series of arena-based battles against an increasing number of opponents in increasingly large arenas. These battles culminate in a face-off with the winner of the previous year’s competition, Darkside, who drives a large armored oto which fires multiple missiles at once.

Players can choose one of 12 different vehicles with which to lớn enter combat. Each vehicle has a distinct driver and special move sầu.


The controls consist of accelerator, brake, “tight turn” (essentially a handbrake) and turbo on the face buttons, with main weapons và machine gun selection và control on the shoulder buttons.

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Arenas are populated with weapon pickups lớn re-supply missile stocks, repair stations for repairing damage to your oto, pedestrians, & course stewards armed with either machine guns or missile launchers.

Try khổng lồ play this PC game on platforms lượt thích PC (Microsoft Windows), PlayStation, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable, if you want to avoid lagging. This Twisted Metal franchise PC game got all you seek in a top-performing PC game.

It offers a chất lượng gameplay because it is one of a few Action, Thriller, Survival-themed PC games. This Clip game got various new features with its new updates on Feb 20, 2019 date.

The studio has launched this computer game on Nov 05, 1995 date.

It’s the best PC game for adults with 14246 players admiring it. All those HD graphics reveal why this game got 13989 followers on social networking platforms.

Its quite wonderful to lớn learn that 14710 number players are pretty impressed with this PC game. You must give sầu this PC game a try because its 93.57 out of 100 rating guarantees hours of entertainment.

You can download this game from below.

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