Custom ROMsunlock huge potential in your android device, but you need khổng lồ be prepared to lớn get your hands dirty with some flashing & rooting if you want to lớn try them out. The htc One M8 has been around for a while,but that hasn’t stopped some clever developers from continuing to make impressive ROMs for the device. Here are the best customROMsfor the htc One M8.

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ViperOneM8 comes from veteran modders Venom và is one of the most widely adopted ROMsavailable for the htc One M8. Venom’s interface is highly customizable, but it"s also highly themed, providing a brand new, stylish interface.

Three-finger gestures are supported, many custom backgrounds & transparency options are available, buttons can be remapped, và the lock screen notifications can be edited. Oh và you are given the ability to lớn skip songs with the volume button. Nice.



MaximusHD boasts a fast và stable build with extended battery life over the standard điện thoại htc One M8 experience. It’s working off of apk 5.0.1, is completely Deodexed & Zippaligned,and allows removal of all those unnecessary apps that come withthe htc One M8.

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It supports a number of M8 devices, and offers improvements to lớn the audio, camera, battery & overall performance andallows for the installation of other mods. What more could you ask for?


Android Revolution HD

Android RevolutionHD is another favored htc ROM among the apk community. App android Revolution HD gets rid of bloatware và optimizes RAM và virtual memory, giving youspeedy performance and uncluttered interface. It’s almost like Stock Android, ensuring a stable build as well as giving you the ability khổng lồ customize the look and feel of the interface as you see fit.

Android Revolution HD providespossibly the best version of theHTC One M8, & should not be overlooked.


What bởi you think is the bestHTC One M8 ROM? Let us know in the comments below.

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