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Vulkan is a new graphics và compute API that provides high-efficiency, cross-platform access to modern GPUs used in a wide variety of devices from PCs & consoles to sản phẩm điện thoại phones and embedded platforms.

For more information about Vulkan, visit


1. Operating System – 64-bit Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 và Linux 64-bit

2. Vulkan Ready đoạn phim card and driver

AMD – Graphics chip core Next (GCN) Based Cards with Radeon Software Crimson Edition 16.3. Visit for full details.AMD Radeon R7 Series graphicsAMD Radeon R5 240 graphicsAMD Radeon HD 8000 Series graphics for OEM systems (HD 8570 & up)AMD Radeon HD 8000M Series graphics for notebooksAMD Radeon HD 7000 Series graphics (HD 7730 and up)AMD Radeon HD 7000M Series graphics for notebooks (HD 7730M and up)AMD A4/A6/A8/A10-7000 Series APUsAMD A6/A8/A10 PRO-7000 Series APUsAMD A6/A8/A10/FX 8000 Series APUsAMD E1/A4/A10 Micro-6000 Series APUsAMD E1/E2/A4/A6/A8-6000 Series APUsAMD A4-1200, A4-1300 & A6-1400 Series APUsAMD E1-2000, E2-3000, A4-5000, A6-5000, & A4 Pro-3000 Series APUsnVidia – with Windows driver version 368.69 and later & Linux driver version 367.27 and later. Visit for full details.Quadro SeriesQuadro Series (Notebooks)GeForce 1000 SeriesGeForce 900 SeriesGeForce 700 SeriesGeForce 600 SeriesGeForce 900M Series (Notebooks)GeForce 800M Series (Notebooks)GeForce 700M Series (Notebooks)GeForce 600M Series (Notebooks)

Steps How to Enable Vulkan on DOTA 2

1. Go to Steam LIBRARY, select Dota 2, download the “Dota 2 – Vulkan Support” on DLC section. The download form size is about 300MB.


2. Right-click Dota 2 then click Properties.


3. Click set LAUNCH OPTIONS.

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4. Type “-vulkan -vconsole”. Remove other parameters lượt thích “-dx9 -dx11 -gl” khổng lồ avoid conflicts.


Verify if Vulkan is Enabled

1. Run DOTA 2 then open the console & type “vulkan”. If vulkan commands start lớn show up, it means that Vulkan is now enabled.


2. Press alternative text + Tab. Go khổng lồ “Steamsteamappscommondota 2 betagameinwin64 “. Run “vconsole2.exe”.


3. If you see “Vulkan Extension Enabled: VK_KHR_swapchain” , it means that Vulkan is enabled. The “shaders.cache” error line is expected on AMD cards.


Quick Test

We did a quick kiểm tra with an intel i5-3470, AMD Radeon HD7750 1GB, 8GB of RAM on 64-bit Windows 7 with Radeon Crimson 16.7.3 driver. We ran a replay and set DOTA 2 lớn the Best Looking preset & by typing in “fps_max 500” to console lớn unlock the fps. Surprisingly, enabling Vulkan will reduce the performance by 11 fps. This is not what Vulkan is supposed lớn do, but it is just a quick test và we cannot conclude that Vulkan is useless for DOTA 2.

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