Hey there, this is Judy. Can you tell me how the iPhone 5 iCloud bypass is activated? I always loved how cool the iPhone 5s was. Unfortunately, mine broke out many years ago, but I still didn’t forget how cool it was, which is why I brought one from Amazon at a reasonable price, but when I powered it on, it had an iCloud activation lock on it. Please help me out. I want to use this iPhone.”

Well, Judy, that’s unfortunate. If your iPhone 5s is iCloud locked, then there are some ways lớn get it unlocked. We’ll first recommend contacting the seller. If you can’t, we will explain how to bypass this iCloud lock issue in your iPhone 5s. Don’t worry.

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Scenario: What"s Your iCloud Activation Lock Status?

If your newly bought iPhone 5s has an iCloud Activation lock turned on, then it might be due to lớn two reasons. You must always inspect these two issues before buying any refurbished or second-hand iPhone.

This iPhone is linked lớn an hãng apple ID

In this first scenario, you might come across an iPhone with an iCloud Activation Lock activated on it by another apple ID. This hãng apple ID could belong khổng lồ the previous owner. Sometimes the owners forget to lớn remove their hãng apple ID from the device or their iCloud, creating a mess for the new user.

This iPhone was lost & erased

Another possible scenario is that the iPhone you bought might be stolen or lost. Sometimes people would scam buyers by selling them lost/stolen iPhones online. The original iPhone owner might have activated “Find my iPhone” on their iCloud account, which would ultimately lock the iPhone you currently bought. This scenario is worse than the first one.

Question: Is It Possible for iPhone 5 iCloud Bypass?

Bypassing the iPhone 5 iCloud lock can be a tricky business. Many users might find it troubling at first, but you can successfully avoid the iCloud activation lock with efficient tools.We will discuss the easiest understandable ways for you to lớn bypass this issue. Follow the methods mentioned below.

Way 1. Most-Loved: iPhone 5S/5 iCloud Bypass with 4MeKey

The easiest trick through which one can achieve iPhone 5 activation lock bypass is using the official website tool, a world-class utility for those seeking an easy solution in these cases. Follow these steps to lớn unlock your iPhone 5s:

Connect your iPhone 5 or 5s with your Computer.

The Computer will ask you lớn JailBreak your iPhone 5S/5.

Allow your Computer to tải về the JailBreak tool và follow the instructions it gives.Once done, JailBreak your iPhone. Confirm your device information và start the Bypass procedure.

Your iPhone 5 and 5s will be unlocked.

We hope these iPhone 5 iCloud bypass windows highlights are enough for you khổng lồ use your iPhone. If you still don’t want to lớn go this way, you can choose another method mentioned below.

Way 2: Jailbreak Your iPhone 5/5s Unlock iCloud

Another way lớn perform an iPhone 5c iCloud bypass is khổng lồ Jailbreak your iPhone. Jailbreak is a little tricky, but with the right tool, you can vị it quickly.

Jailbreaking done through binhkhipho.vn 4MeKey is the most reliable solution for you. It saves you from the hassle.

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Way 3: Try khổng lồ Ask the Seller lớn Bypass iCloud iPhone 5s/5

This way might not be possible for many, but giving it a shot wouldn’t be wrong. If you’ve bought your iPhone 5 from an online store, then try to tương tác the seller. Even if you have khổng lồ pay some little extra bucks, you can ask them to lớn remove their iCloud account.

Ask the seller to erase their iCloud data from your iPhone. The easy way is to:

The original owner opens the site icloud.com/findSign in to their iCloud.Check the devices linked to lớn their iCloud.Find your device.Click on remove device.

As soon as they remove the iCloud linked device from their iCloud, your iPhone will start fresh when you turn it on. You can then set up your iPhone.

Unfortunately, if you cannot locate or connect with the previous owner, you can try using some online services lớn unlock your iPhone. Some websites are mentioned below.

Way 4: iPhone 5 iCloud Unlock with Online Services

Here are some online services that can help you with iPhone 5 iCloud unlock. These online services wouldn’t require you to tải về a tool on your Computer. These services are top-ranked on Google searches & might help you unlock your iPhone 5s.

1.iPhone Approved Unlock

The iPhone-approved unlock has an iCloud activation lock removal service online, which you can use khổng lồ bypass the lock. This service will require an IMEI number of your iPhone and the model you want khổng lồ choose.

This paid service might cost you a bit, but your iPhone will be unlocked in no time. Here’s the link.

2.Apple iPhone Unlock

The điện thoại apple iphone Unlock is one of the first services to lớn introduce iCloud bypass through IMEI. Just lượt thích the above, you need khổng lồ pay a tiny amount, enter your device’s IMEI or serial number along with its specific model, and click on the Remove Activation lock option.


The IMEIdoctor is another reliable service for iPhone iCloud bypass. This tool might take one lớn three days lớn unlock your iCloud permanently. Just lượt thích others, it will also require IMEI, model number, & some money. Here’s the link.


Bypassing the iCloud Activation Lock can be messy. We have proposed some ways to lớn unlock it quickly. If you want to spend a little money, then go for the last method.

But, if you want a reliable & accessible tool, then download binhkhipho.vn 4MeKey on your Computer & let it vày its job. It’s faster than all of the above methods & provides you a miễn phí and easy solution.

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