Windows 10 build 14997 iso leaks onto the web unveiling new features


Windows 10 Creators Update preview leaks onto the website with new thiết lập improvements và a bunch new features & changes — Here"s what new.

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The ISO file for a new demo preview of the Creators Update for Windows 10 leaks onto the web. This time around Windows 10 build 14997 for PC found its way onto the internet và it includes a number of visual improvements và features over the current official build.

Windows 10 build 14997 was spotted in BetaArchive by Windows Central, & in a flight that may never roll out khổng lồ Insiders, we can see an improved out-of-box experience that features Cortana to lớn assist you with post-installation configurations. The Settings ứng dụng gets a few improvements and new options, & build 14997 includes a new version of Microsoft Edge.

What’s new on Windows 10 build 14997


In the new leaked version of Windows 10, we can now see that Microsoft is improving the out-of-box experience (OOBE) after the installation of Windows 10.

Updated Windows 10 out-of-box experience

The new experience changes allow Cortana lớn assist you every step of the way khổng lồ get you mix up as quickly as possible.


In the desktop of build 14997, you won’t find any significant changes, but you’ll see a coffee mug icon in the top-right corner of the Start menu, which might indicate a new feature will be coming in that area.

Coffee mug on Start menu

Additionally, Cortana incorporates a new option to let you launch Cortana in listening mode using the Windows key + C keyboard shortcut.

Settings app

On Windows 10 build 14997, in the Settings ứng dụng some of the features have been reorganized & there are a few new options as well.

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For example, System has been split into two sections. Now there is a System & Apps section. There aren’t new features in these sections, but now you’ll have khổng lồ go khổng lồ Apps to lớn change some settings, including Apps và features, default apps, Offline maps, và Apps for websites.

Windows 10 build 14997 Settings
Apps section on Settings

In the Display section, you’ll also find a new “Brightness & color” section with the previously rumored “Blue light”. The new feature allows lớn lower the xanh light automatically in your screen to lớn reduce eye strain và help you sleep at night after long hours of work.

New display settings on Windows 10
Windows 10 xanh light settings

In Personalization, we can now see that Windows 10 finally is bringing Themes khổng lồ Settings. In the new section, you can change themes & customize their options, including the ability lớn change mouse cursor, sounds, color, and background settings.

Themes settings section on the Windows 10 Creators Update

And in Windows Update advanced options users can pause updates for up to lớn 35 days. Though, it’s unclear if this feature will be available for Windows 10 Home, as the leaked is an Enterprise version of the operating system.

Pause updates on Windows 10 for up khổng lồ 35 days

Microsoft Edge

On this new Creators Update leaked preview, Microsoft Edge jumps lớn version 39.14997.1001.0, & it includes a new tab management system where you can quickly mix tabs aside for later viewing.

Microsoft Edge “Set aside” tabs

In addition, you can quickly show and hide tab previews clicking the new button next to the create new tab button.

Microsoft Edge show và hide tab previews

And the version of Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 build 14997 also includes the new chia sẻ interface that we’ll be seeing in the Creators Update, which replaces the old flyout that we used khổng lồ see in Windows 8.x.

Microsoft Edge giới thiệu UI on Windows 10 Creators Update

Windows Defender

In the new Windows Defender dashboard there is a new “Device performance & help” section where you can see your system help report, and you also get an option to lớn refresh your computer with a clean up-to-date installation of Windows 10.

Windows Defender Device performance và health

Wrapping things up

The new leaked preview comes from the rs_onecore_base branch, and its complete designation name is: 10.0.14997.1001.rs_onecore_base.161218-0833_amd64fre_client-enterprise_volume_en-us-CENA_X64FREV_EN-US_DV5.iso

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