How to install windows 10 technical preview

If you need khổng lồ use Windows 10 Tech Preview, how khổng lồ get an ISO file to install it on VirtualBox or VMware? This post offers details on Windows 10 Tech Preview ISO tải về & install in a virtual machine. Look through the guide from now.

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Overview of Windows 10 Tech Preview

Windows 10 Tech Preview is an evaluation copy that is designed for enterprise users & enthusiasts who have a chance lớn try it & evaluate the latest changes khổng lồ Windows. It is a kiểm tra version early. Enterprises can help khổng lồ test and see how this operating system fits into their routines, & send the feedback lớn Microsoft.

Besides, this system also brings some new features, for example, a new start menu - a blend of classic desktop apps and live tiles, as well as improved tìm kiếm features & File Explorer.

Sometimes you may need to use this operating system on a virtual machine like VMware or VirtualBox. Khổng lồ install it, the first thing you should bởi is to download Windows 10 Tech Preview ISO. See the guide below lớn find what you should do.


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Windows 10 Tech Preview ISO Download

When it comes to Windows 10 Technical Preview ISO file for VirtualBox/VMware, you may come up with the Microsoft website. Currently, there is no official tải về link for you lớn get the ISO file of this system. When visiting the page of download Windows Insider Preview, you may find the given tải về only includes these editions - Home, Pro, Education, and home Single Language.

Fortunately, you can tải về Windows 10 Technical Preview via some reliable third-party webpages and let’s see one. On the website, you can tìm kiếm for Windows 10 Technical Preview ISO. Then, you can find multiple ISO files of 32-bit & 64-bit for different builds.

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Take two direct link for Windows 10 Technical Preview.iso (Build 9860) as an example:

Windows 10 Technical Preview download 32-Bit

Windows 10 Technical Preview download 64-Bit

After getting the Windows 10 Technical Preview ISO file, how lớn use it to install the system on VirtualBox/VMware? Follow the given-below wizards.

How to Install Windows 10 Tech Preview on VirtualBox

Step 1: Go to tải về and install VirtualBox on your computer. If you have installed, launch it.

Step 2: Click Machine > New, name this virtual machine, choose a destination folder, select Windows and click Next.

Step 3: Select the memory size, choose khổng lồ create a virtual hard disk, select disk tệp tin type, choose fixed kích cỡ for the disk, type the name of the new virtual hard disk file và click Create. The creation process will take a few minutes.

Step 4: Click Settings > Storage > Controller > the disc icon > Choose disk > Add, locate the Windows 10 Tech Preview ISO file and choose it to add to the menu of Storage Devices.

Step 5: power on this operating system và you will see the following popup. Choose a language, time format and keyboard method. Next, follow the on-screen instructions khổng lồ finish the installation of Windows 10 Tech Preview.

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