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Most of the Zoldyck Family during a flashback in Hunter x Hunter (Image via Madhouse)

The Zoldyck Family is the most feared & respected group of assassins in Hunter x Hunter. Most of them are incredibly skilled Nen users và can hold their own in a fight against anybody. The strongest members of the family have each undergone assassin training to lớn prepare their minds & bodies for an assassination mission they must go on.

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Milluki has not been shown in any fights. He also lacks the physical strength khổng lồ keep up with the traditional Zoldyck assassination training, so he makes up for it using his brainpower.

Milluki is a skilled tin tặc and inventor. He uses the tools he builds for assassinations rather than his physical abilities, making him the weakest Zoldyck Family member so far.

7) Kikyo Zoldyck

Kikyo is perhaps the weakest Zoldyck Family thành viên in the show. All that is known about her Nen is that she is a Manipulator. She has not featured in any fights or other types of combat, so her Nen abilities are entirely unknown. However, they are most likely powerful enough to take down many characters in the anime.

6) Kalluto Zoldyck

Kalluto is the youngest child of the Zoldyck Family and a recent addition to the Phantom Troupe. He has received a typical Zoldyck assassination training but seems to lớn be exceptionally proficient in stealth.

Kalluto has showcased two Nen abilities in the anime, which are Manipulation abilities. The first is his Surveillance Paper Dolls. They allow him khổng lồ spy on whoever he wishes by planting an unsuspecting paper doll near the target. His next ability is Dance of the Serpent"s Bite. This Nen ability is used for offense, và Kalluto is shown effortlessly killing a chimera ant with this attack.

5) Illumi Zoldyck


Illumi is easily the creepiest of the Zoldycks. He maintains a stoic demeanor throughout the entire anime. Even when he kills, attacks, or manipulates people, his facial expression stays the same. However, he revealed his genuine emotions only once after Hisoka asked if he could kill Killua.

Illumi"s Nen type is Manipulation, & his Nen abilities are perfect for assassinations. Via the power of toàn thân Alteration, Illumi can change the appearance of his entire toàn thân using his Nen needles. He did this during the Hunter Exam while posing as Gittarackur. Another of his Manipulation Nen abilities is Hypnotic Spell. Illumi places a Nen needle in someone"s brain & can control them through pre-set orders. He did this lớn Killua to make sure he ran from any battle he thought he could not win.

4) Killua Zoldyck

Although he is not the strongest Zoldyck yet, Killua has the potential khổng lồ surpass the rest of his family members easily. Once Killua masters Nen & reaches his full potential, nobody will be able to lớn stop him. By applying his resistance lớn electricity to lớn his Nen training, Killua created his Nen abilities. Killua is a Transmuter and was able to transmute his aura into electricity.

His first ability, Lightning Palm, is perhaps his most basic attack. He electrocutes his opponents by touching them with both hands & shoving them backward. However, he has since upgraded his arsenal to include abilities such as Thunderbolt and Whirlwind. Killua then combines Thunderbolt và Whirlwind to create Godspeed, his most potent Nen ability.

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3) Silva Zoldyck

Like his father, Silva is a very skilled Nen user và the current head of the Zoldyck Family. He has immense physical strength, as shown when he crushed Cheetu without using Nen.

Silva"s Nen type is Transmutation, but only one of his Nen abilities has been shown in the anime, Explosive Orbs. It is similar to lớn Zeno"s long Dive as it combines both Transmutation và Emission Nen types. When this technique is used, Silva creates two large spheres in both hands using his aura. Each sphere has a nguồn capable of destroying an entire floor of a building, and they were said lớn have killed Nen practitioners similar to lớn Chrollo & Zeno in one hit.

2) Zeno Zoldyck

Perhaps one of the most skilled và experienced Nen users shown in the anime, Zeno Zoldyck is a force khổng lồ be reckoned with.

Zeno is a Transmuter but is also incredibly proficient in Emission. His Nen abilities, long Head and Dragon Lance are beautiful examples of the nguồn of Transmutation. Zeno shapes his aura into that of a dragon and uses it for both offense and transportation. However, his Emission ability, Aura Blast, is much more basic. He fires a powerful blast of aura from his palm and can knock back enemies.

By combining both Transmutation and Emission, Zeno can use the famed rồng Dive. Zeno first uses dragon Head on top of a target & then shatters it, splitting it into countless smaller projectiles.

1) Maha Zoldyck

Maha Zoldyck is currently the oldest thành viên of the Zoldyck Family and Zeno"s grandfather.

Only one thing has been mentioned about his Nen. Zeno said in the đoạn phim above that Maha"s Nen "is very quiet," which would help in his assassination missions.

Although Maha has never used Nen in the show, it is clear that he is a powerful Nen user. Zeno said that in Maha"s youth, Isaac Netero, the man considered to be the strongest Nen user in the world, was the only one to lớn challenge him in a battle & live to lớn talk about it.

Zoldyck Family Wild Card

Alluka Zoldyck/Nanika

Alluka Zoldyck is easily the weakest thành viên of the Zoldyck Family since she has shown no proficiency in Nen & has never been through assassination training. However, Nanika would be the most overpowered member of the Zoldyck Family. This makes ranking her tricky since she is simultaneously the weakest and the strongest.

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